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Alan Caillou Series character Colonel Tobin
James M Cain American hard boiled pioneer
Jack Cairo Classic tough guy pulp author
Henry Calvin Aka Clifford Hanley
Don Cameron Series character Abelard Voss
Colin Campbell Aka Douglas Christie
Alice Campbell Inspector Headcorn
Karen Campbell Aka Betty Beaty
Keith Campbell Obscure British crime writer
Reginald Campbell Reginald Wilfrid Campbell
R.T. Campbell aka Ruthven Todd
Joanna Cannan Characters Guy Northeast and Ronald Price
Elliott Cannon Character Guy Fosse
Ace Capelli Pulp fiction house name author
Paul Capon Mystery fiction, sci fi and children's author
Capstan Aka Rex Hardinge
Bernice Carey American author
Leslie Cargill Major Mosson
Patricia Carlon Australian mystery writer
Harry Carmichael aka Hartley Howard
Carol Carnac aka ECR Lorac
John Dickson Carr King of the Locked Room Mystery
Glyn Carr Mountaineering mysteries
Margaret Carr Also wrote as Carole Kerr
Mark Carrel Pseudonym of Lauran Paine
John Carrick Aka Hugh Provan Crosbie
Martin Carroll Aka Margaret Carr
Bart Carson Aka William Maconachie
Henry Carstairs Very underrated author
John Paddy Carstairs SC: Garaway Trenton
Vera Caspary Author of Laura
John Cassells aka W Murdoch Duncan
Max Catto aka Simon Kent
Sarah Caudwell Legal courtroom mysteries
Maurice Caval Pulp author pretending to be French
Henry Cecil Underrated author
M.E. Chaber Aka Kendall Foster Crossen
Stephen Chalmers Aka Nicholas Carter
Elinor Chamberlain Hubin listed author
Dana Chambers Main character Jim Steele
Peter Chambers Main character Mark Preston
John Newton Chance Very prolific author
John Chancellor Captain Fass
Raymond Chandler Leading light of hard boiled fiction
Mark Channing Wrote King Cobra
E.M. Channon Hubin listed author
Robert Chapman Creator of Rex Banner
Robert Charles Hubin listed prolific novelist
Theresa Charles Hubin listed Gothic/Romance novelist
Leslie Charteris Creator of The Saint
Kip Chase Series charcater: Justine Carmichael
Thomas Chastain Who Killed the Robins Family ?
GK Chesterton Father Brown
Peter Cheyney Creator of Lemmy Caution
John Jay Chichester Series characters: Maxwell Sanderson and Jimmy "Wiggly" Price
Nellise Child Jeremiah Irish
FA Chittenden Obscure mystery author
Agatha Christie The Queen of Crime Fiction
Douglas Christie Aka Lynn Durie
Henrietta Clandon Penny & Vincent Mercer mysteries
Richard Clapperton Peter Fleck mysteries
Marguerite Clare Aka Mary Heppell
Douglas Clark Inpsector George Masters
Anna Clarke South African born writer
Clyde B Clason Locked room specialist
Tod Claymore aka Hugh Clevely
Jon Cleary Series character Scobie Malone
Brian Cleeve Series character Sean Ryan
E H Clements Series character Alister Woodhead
Francis Clifford British thriller writer
VC Clinton Baddeley Dr RV Davie
Belton Cobb Creator of Burmann, Manning and Armitage
Guy Cobden Creator of John Chadwick
Sammy Coburn 1950s pulp author
Joan Cockin Inspector Cam
Ronald Cocking Chief Inspector Crawley
Liza Cody Creator of Anna Lee
Octavus Roy Cohen Early American author
GDH M Cole Husband and wife team
Martina Cole Modern best selling author
Manning Coles Series character Tommy Hambledon
Gilbert Collins Series character Hugh Carding
Collins Crime Club An overview of this famous imprint
Max Allan Collins Series character Nathan Heller
Guy Compton Ben Anderson mysteries
Phillip Conde Aviation mysteries
Michael Connelly Harry Bosch
John Connolly Charlie Bird Parker
JJ Connington Driffield and Wendover
Peter Conway SC. Lucy Beck
Margaret Cooke aka John Creasey
ME Cooke aka John Creasey
Craig Cooper Series character: Matt Savage
Henry St John Cooper aka John Creasey
Lynna Cooper Hubin listed author
Roderick Cooper Hubin listed author
Basil Copper Main character Mike Faraday
Christopher Coram SC: Ross MacAllister
James Corbett King of the one line gaffe!
Lucy Cores Captain Andrew Torrent
Patricia Cornwell Kay Scarpetta , forensic mysteries
Grace Corren aka Robert Hoskins
Mark Corrigan aka Norman Lee
Paul Costello SC: Terence O'Hara
Pete Costello Spent 6 months in jail on obscenity charges!
John Courage Series character William Britain
SH Courtier Series character Inspector Digger Haig
EG Cousins Series character Richard Barne
Joan A Cowdroy Series character Li Moh & Chief Inspector Gorham
AB Cox aka Anthony Berkeley
George Harmon Coxe Series character Flash Casey
David Craig Stephen Bellecroix & Sheila Roath
Jonathan Craig SC: Pete Selby, 6th Precint
Robert Crais Best selling author and creator of Elvis Cole
Frances Crane Characters Pat and Jean Abbott
Maurice Cranston Insp. Mortimer Blunt
W.H. Lane Crauford Detective Kellerway
John Creasey Very prolific author
Frank Crisp Obscure English author
Edmund Crispin Series character Gervase Fen
Freeman Wills Crofts Inspector French
Noel Cromarty Hubin listed author
Michael Cronin Aka Brendan Leo Cronin
Amanda Cross aka Carolyn Heilbrun
Mark Cross The Four Adjusters
Ken Crossen Prolific author, numerous pseudonyms
Maude Crossley Series character: Guy Bannister
Glynn Croudace Hubin listed author
Guy Cullingford aka C Lindsay Taylor
Marten Cumberland Series character Saturnin Dax
AB Cunningham Sheriff Jess Roden
EV Cunningham Series character Masao Masuto
James Curtis Classic author
Ursula Curtiss Sister of Mary McMullen