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Mark Corrigan Bibliography

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Joyce Porter
Series Character: Mark Corrigan

See also Norman Lee pseudonyms Raymond Armstrong and Robertson Hobart

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
This author is collected and well regarded.
Readers may have problems as I don't think many titles came out in paperback and hardcovers are uncommon
Hardback firsts in jackets attract collectors and reasonable prices, though not prohibitive
They are not common in nice collectable condition, some really quite rare
Most benefit from some superb period artwork on the dust jackets

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Buy Books by Mark Corrigan

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Bullets and Brown Eyes Werner Laurie 1948
Sinner Takes All Werner Laurie 1949
The Wayward Blonde Werner Laurie 1950
The Golden Angel Werner Laurie 1950
Lovely Lady Werner Laurie 1950
Madame Sly Werner Laurie 1951
Shanghai Jezebel Werner Laurie 1951
Lady of China Street Werner Laurie 1952
Baby Face Werner Laurie 1952
All Brides Are Beautiful Werner Laurie 1953
Sweet and Deadly Werner Laurie 1953
I Like Danger Werner Laurie 1954
Love for Sale Werner Laurie 1854
The Naked Lady Werner Laurie 1954
Madam and Eve Werner Laurie 1955
The Big Squeeze Angus and Robertson 1955
Big Boys Don't Cry Angus and Robertson 1956
Sydney for Sin Angus and Robertson 1956
The Cruel Lady Angus and Robertson 1957
Dumb as They Come Angus and Robertson 1957
Honolulu Snatch Angus and Robertson 1958
Menace in Siam Angus and Robertson 1958 Black cloth white titles
Dust jacket 11s 6d
The Girl from Moscow Angus and Robertson 1959
Singapore Downbeat Angus and Robertson 1959
Sin of Hong Kong Angus and Robertson 1960
Lady from Tokyo Angus and Robertson 1961
Riddle of Double island Angus and Robertson 1962
Danger's Green Eyes Angus and Robertson 1962
Why Do Women . . . ? Angus and Robertson 1963
Riddle of the Spanish Circus Angus and Robertson 1964

Dust Jacket Artist: Fox

Mark Corrigan Biography
Mark Corrigan was a pseudonym used by the prolific British author Norman Lee who was born in 1905 and died 1962. Under this name all of the above books feature the same series character and as far as I'm aware non were published in America.


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