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Robertson Hobart Bibliography

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Robertson Hobart Pseudonym for Norman Lee

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
I don't believe there are any US editions. His series character was Grant Vickary
I am unsure of the chronology of the last 2 titles
Collectors will find the books difficult to find as most of the print runs went to Public Libraries
Consequently they are collectable and relatively valuable in nice condition complete with dust jackets 

See Also Mark Corigan and Raymond Armstrong

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Buy Books by Robertson Hobart

Buy Books by Robertson Hobart

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Case of the Shaven Blonde Robert Hale 1959 Black cloth, green and silver lettering
Dust jacket priced at 10/6
Dangerous Cargoes Robert Hale 1960
Blood on the Lake Robert Hale 1961
Death of a Love Robert Hale 1961

Dust Jacket Artist: Fox

Synopsis of TCOT Shaven Blonde
The body of a naked blonde is found lying beside a river in the Australian outback. As a result, Grant Vickary of the Vice Squad is loaned to the homicide patrol for the Case and lakes Oven from the State police. All trails lead to a sheet, rancher from a nearby Station. who is soon arrested for the murder of his beautiful wife. But then something strange happens. Though the first investigation ends in a cul-de-sac as far as Grant Vickary is concerned, his chief, the State Commissioner, holds different views. Vickary's problem is - shall he follow blindly his boss's directions, or risk a hunt for the killer which may end only in professional disaster? Vickary's decision and the ensuing twists and dangers before the final surprise, go to make ovary unusual detective story. completely authentic both in its background and its detail of Australian police methods.

Robertson Hobart Biography
Pseudonym of Australian writer Norman Lee who also wrote as Raymond Marshall and Mark Corrigan.


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