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Douglas Clark Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

Series Characters: Inspector George Masters and Chief Inspector Green

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Nobody's Perfect Cassell 1969  
Death After Evensong Cassell 1969  
Deadly Pattern Cassell 1970  
Sweet Poison Cassell 1970 No US edition
Sick to Death Cassell 1971  
You're Fairly Welcome Robert Hale 1973 as James Ditton
The Bigger They are Robert Hale 1973 as James Ditton
Escapemanship Robert Hale 1975 as James Ditton
Premeditated Murder Gollancz 1975  
Dread and Water Gollancz 1976 No US edition
Table D'Hote Gollancz 1977 No US edition
The Gimmel Flask Gollancz 1977  
The Libertines Gollancz 1978 No US edition
Herberden's Seat Gollancz 1979 No US edition
Poacher's Bag Gollancz 1980  
Coppley's Hunch Gollancz 1980 as James Ditton
Golden Rain Gollancz 1980  
Roast Eggs Gollancz 1981  
The Longest Pleasure Gollancz 1981 No US edition
Shelf Life Gollancz 1982  
Doone Walk Gollancz 1982 No US edition
Vicious Circle Gollancz 1983 No US edition
The Monday Theory Gollancz 1983 No US edition
Bouquet Garni Gollancz 1984 No US edition

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Further Information
Douglas Clark was born in Lincolnshire in 1919, he also wrote under the names James Ditton and Peter Hosier. His two main series characters are Inspector George Masters and Chief Inspector Green. In all cases, the UK editions precede the US, there are no alternative titles and several of the books were not published in the States, including all of the James Ditton titles.

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