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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder at Deer Lick Dutton 1939  
Murder at the Schoolhouse As Above 1940  
The Strange Death of Manny Square As Above 1941  
The Bancock Murder Case As Above 1942  
Death at The Bottoms As Above 1942  
The Affair at the Boat Landing Dutton 1943  
The Great Yant Mystery As Above 1943 UK: 1959 Gerald Swan
The Cane-Patch Mystery As Above 1944 UK: 1953 Gerald Swan
Death Visits the Apple Hole As Above 1945  
Murder Before Midnight As Above 1945  
Death of a Bullionaire Dutton 1946  
Death Rides a Sorrel Horse As Above 1946  
One Man Must Die As Above 1946  
Death Haunts the Dark Lane As Above 1948  
The Death of a Worldly Woman As Above 1948  
Murder Without Weapons As Above 1949 UK: Mellifont 1955
The Hunter Is the Hunted Dutton 1950 Also published 1954 as:
Blood Runs Cold.
The Killer Watches the Manhunt As Above 1950 UK: Boardman 1951
Skeleton in the Closet As Above 1951  
Who Killed Pretty Becky Low ? As Above 1951  
Strange Return Dutton 1952  
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Born 1888 to 1962. Main series character Sheriff Jess Roden, the author also used a pseudonym Estil Dale. When two or more books are published in the same year we cannot yet guarantee priority of publication


ONE OF the astounding things about the murder of Isa Yant was the fact that there seemed no conceivable reason why anyone should want to put her out of the way. Throughout the whole countryside she was regarded with pity, not hatred. The men, always sentimental about a pretty woman brought low, looked upon her with unexpressed but very real sympathy. With the women, the case was slightly different. Before her invalidism had set in, they considered Isa Yant as a competitor and therefore as the legitimate object of all the sharp but concealed tacks they might scatter in her path. But when illness overtook her, their attitude changed. She was no longer in their way. Her success no longer threatened to eclipse them. They could befriend her without the danger of warming a snake in their bosoms. And so, especially when their menfolk were around to see what they did, they lavished kindness and consideration upon her. If in their hearts they were not altogether sincere, they were at least not malicious.

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