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Marian Babson Series character Douglas Perkins
George Bagby Inspector Schmidt
HC Bailey Creator of Mr Fortune
Ivon Baker Series character David Meynell
Richard M Baker SC Franklin Russell
Bill S Ballinger Creator of Barr Breed
Robert Barnard Series character Perry Trethowan
Glyn Barnett Inspector Gramport
Robert Barr Early crime writer
Nina Bawden The Odd Flamingo
Roger Bax aka Andrew Garve
George Baxt Pharoah Love, Sylvia Plotkin & Max Van Larsen
Francis Beeding Classic Golden Age Author
Josephine Bell Series character Dr Wintringham
George Bellairs Chief Inspector Littlejohn
Mrs Belloc Lowndes The Lodger
Margot Bennett Wrote The Widow of Bath
Ben Benson Series character Inspector Wade Paris
EC Bentley Series character Philip Trent
John Bentley Series character Glen Gibson
Anthony Berkeley Roger Sherringham & Ambrose Chitterwick
Norman Berrow Inspector Lancelot Carolus Smith
Don Betteridge AKA Bernard Newman
Charles Bidmead Chief Superintendent John Moresby - Flying Squad
Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan
Dan Billany Series Character: Robbie Duncan
Ottwell Binns aka Ben Bolt
Gavin Black Paul Harris
Lionel Black Francis Foy, Emma Greaves & Kate Theobald
Veronica Black Sister Joan mysteries
John Blackburn Character, General Charles Kirk
Nicholas Blake aka Cecil Day Lewis
Vanessa Blake aka Mary Brown
Oswell Blakeston aka Simon
Suzanne Blanc SC. Inspector Miguel Menendez
Hugo Blayn SC. Inspector Garth of Scotland Yard
Robert Bloch Wrote Psycho
Lawrence G Blochman Series character Inspector Pike
Thomas Boileau with Pierre Narcejac
John Boland Series character Kim Smith
John Emery Bonett Borges & Professor Mandrake
Kage Booton American author
Anthony Boucher Series character Fergus O'Breen
Hester Bourne Aka Molly Troke
Dorothy Bowers Inspector Pardoe
Edgar Box aka Gore Vidal
George Braddon Series character Michael Gaunt
Caryl Brahms Wrote with SJ Simon
Ernest Bramah Max Carrados
Pamela Branch Wrote Wooden Overcoat
Christianna Brand aka Mary Christianna Lewis
Gordon Brandon aka John G Brandon
HC Branson Series character John Bent
Herbert Brean William Deacon & Reynold Frame
Martin Brett aka Douglas Sanderson
Michael Brett Series character Pete McGrath
Simon Brett Series character Charles Paris
Lynn Brock Series character Colonel Gore
Collin Brooks Series character Raeburn Steel
Edwy Searles-Brooks aka Berkeley Gray and Victor Gunn
Adam Broome Series character Inspector Bramley
Carter Brown Hugely prolific author
Fredric Brown Series character Ed - Am Hunter
Douglas G Browne Harvey Tuke
Howard Browne aka John Evans
Leo Bruce Sergeant Beef
Eric Bruton Inspector Judd
Michael Bryan Pseudonym of Irish author Brian Moore
John Bude Superintendent Meredith
James Lee Burke Character Billy Bob Holland
Thomas Burke Limehouse Nights
WJ Burley Creator of Wycliffe
WR Burnett Influential hard boiled author
Miles Burton aka John Rhode
Roger Busby Inspector Leric
Christopher Bush Series character Ludovic Travers
Gwendoline Butler John Coffin