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Arthur Upfield Series character Napoleon Bonaparte
Gray Usher Series character Supt Michael Drexel

George Vaizey Hubin listed author
Jonathan Valin Series character Harry Stoner
Douglas Vallance Obscure mystery author
John W Vandercook Series character Bertram Lynch
SS Van Dine Series character Philo Vance
Brett Vane Gangster pulp fiction
Roland Vane Classic pulp fiction with Heade covers
Peter Van Greenaway Inspector Cherry of Scotland Yard
Robert Van Gulik Judge Dee oriental mysteries
Archie Venters Obscure thriller writer
Gerald Verner Very prolific writer
Robert Verron 1940s crime writer
Roy Vickers aka Sefton Kyle
Francis Vivian Inspector Knollis books
Hans Vogel Pulp gangster thriller writer
Gordon Volk Obscure English mystery writer
CE Vulliamy aka Anthony Rolls

Henry Wade Real name Sir Henry Aubrey Fletcher
Kathleen Wade Hubin listed author
John Wainwright Very prolific author
Simon Waldron Steve Essex novels
Peter N Walker Carnaby novels
Carlton Wallace Supt Edmund Bendilow
Edgar Wallace Hugely prolific author
Trevor Wallace SC: John Tracy
J Wallis Martin Acclaimed modern writer
RAJ Walling Philip Tolefree
J.H. Wallis Inspector Wilton Jacks
JM Walsh Mystery - espionage writer
Thomas Walsh Mystery writer
Douglas Walshe Prolific author
Minette Walters CWA Gold Dagger Winner
Julian Ward Hubin listed mystery writer
D. Gainsborough Waring Hubin listed mystery writer
James Warren Collins mystery writer
Vernon Warren Character Mark Brandon
Thurman Warriner aka Simon Troy and John Kersey
Ron Watkins Mystery and Cowboy books
Colin Watson The Flaxborough Chronicles
Maurice Watson Obscure mystery writer
Jack Webb Father Joseph Shanley and Sammy Golden
John Welcome Horse racing based mystery books
Patricia Wentworth Main character Miss Silver
Alroy West Mysterious mystery author
Chris Wheatley 1950s gangster author
HE Wheeler Series character Kendal Graydon
Ethel Lina White Important Golden Age author
Victor L Whitechurch Wrote Murder at the College
David Whitelaw Wrote The Lexicon Murders
Roderick Wilkinson Hubin listed writer
Hilda Willett Hubin listed writer
Charles Williams Character John Ingram
David Williams Mark Treasure
Valentine Williams Series character Clubfoot
Ted Willis Dixon of Dock Green etc
Cecil M Wills Character Inspector Ellerdine
Eileen Wilmot Crime, thriller and romance author
Josh Wingrave Pulp gangster moll author
Edward Wilson Kit Fournier - Catesby and Bone
Hugh Windsor Somewhat Forgotten Mystery Writer
RD Wingfield Inspector Frost
David Wishart Roman historical mysteries
Clifford Witting Inspector Charlton & Sergeant  Bradfield
Andrew Wood Robin Temple
Eric Wood Keene & Young
Edwin Thomas Woodhall Aka Edwin T. Woodhall
Martin Woodhouse Wrote for the TV show The Avengers
R.C. Woodthorpe Created Matilda Perks and Nicholas Slade
William Woolfolk Obscure American author
Cornell Woolrich aka William Irish
Richard Wormser Lieutenant Andy Bastian
HA Wren The Lady Prefers Murder!
June Wright SC: Maggie Byrnes
Wade Wright Aka John Wright
John Wyllie Dr Quarshie African mysteries
Anthony Wynne Dr Eustace Hailey
Patrick Wynnton Aka Anthony Richardson

Andrew York aka Christopher Robin Nicole
Jeremy York aka John Creasey

Hyman Zore 1950s gangster pulp thriller writer