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R.T. Campbell
Series Character: Professor John Stubbs

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Unholy Dying Westhouse 1945
Adventure with a Goat & Apollo Wore a Wig Westhouse 1946 Dust jacket priced 8s 6d
Bodies in the Bookshop Westhouse 1946 Dust jacket priced 8s 6d
The Death Cap Westhouse 1946
Death for Madame Westhouse 1946
Swing Low, Sweet Death Westhouse 1946
Take the a Sharp Knife Westhouse 1946

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R.T. Campbell Biography
R.T. Campbell was a pseudonym used by Ruthven Todd born 14 June 1914 and died 11 October 1978. This checklist lists only his detective fiction books. We are currently unsure as to the order of publication for the 1946 titles.

Synopsis from Bodies in a Bookshop
Another Professor John Stubbs thriller. This time the stout Professor's lanky assistant, Max Boyle, goes on a shopping expedition. He wants to buy a book, a desire which he insists is laudable and understandable. He buys a great many books. In the last book shop he smells some-thing odd. The proprietor and another man are lying gassed at the back of the shop. It is murder. The lovable Professor lumbers through the story like a young elephant gambolling in a rice-field and he solves the apparently insoluble. Inevitably. But how he does it ! None of the old-fashioned, heavy-handed detective methods here. Stubbs is human, Stubbs is a treasure. Little wonder there's a growing number of Stubbs fans. Little wonder we're reprinting his earlier adventures.


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