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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Postman Always Rings Twice Cape 1934 Dustwrapper 5/-
Serenade Cape 1938 Dustwrapper 7/6
Mildred Pierce Hale 1943 Dustwrapper 8/6
Three of Hearts Hale 1949 Omnibus of 3 stories
The Moth Hale 1950  
The Root of His Evil Hale 1954  
Galatea Hale 1954  
Jealous Woman Hale 1955  
Three of a Kind Hale 1956  
Mignon Hale 1963  
The Magician's Wife Hale 1966  
Rainbow's End WH Allen 1975  
The Institute Hale 1977  
The Baby in the Icebox Hale 1982  

US Bibliography

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Postman Always Rings Twice Knopf 1934  
Serenade Knopf 1937  
Mildred Pierce Knopf 1941  
Love's Lovely Counterfeit Knopf 1942  
Career in C Major Avon 1943  
Three of a Kind Knopf 1944  
Past all Dishonour Knopf 1946  
The Butterfly Knopf 1947  
Sinful woman Avon 1948  
The Moth Knopf 1948  
Jealous Woman Avon 1950  
The Root of His Evil Avon 1952  
Galatea Knopf 1953  
Mignon Dial 1962  
The Magician's Wife Dial 1965  
Rainbow's End Mason 1975  
The Institute Mason 1976  
The Baby in the Icebox Holt 1981  
Cloud Nine Mysterious 1984  

Further Information
James M Cain was born in Maryland, USA, on 1st July 1892. Although he objected to the label personally, he was a leading light in the hard boiled school of crime fiction. His first novel personified the genre and is the book he is best known for, thanks in no small part to the classic film adaptation of the same name. The main character, Frank Chambers, transcended the usual minor importance of characters in this genre and became an important figure in American literature. The author also wrote five uncollected short stories, a couple of plays and three screenplays. He passed away in 1977.

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