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This Donald Clough Cameron bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder's Coming Holt 1939  
Death at Her Elbow Holt 1940  
Grave Without Grass Holt 1940  
And So He Had to Die Holt 1941  
Dig Another Grave Mystery House 1946  
White for a Shroud Mystery House 1947 UK: 1949 TV Boardman
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Don Cameron White for a Shroud

Dust Jacket Artist: D Mcloughlin

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Further Information ~ Biography
The author was born in Detroit USA 1909, before becoming a writer he worked in the newspaper business, his main series character was Abelard Voss. Please help us to improve this biography, if you have more information about this writer please do get in touch.

Sample from Don Cameron's White for a Shroud
IT was a blizzard. The wind got its start somewhere in Canada and came lashing down a hundred and fifty miles across Lake Superior, churning the open water to angry spray that froze while it leaped, buckling the four-foot shore ice with ear-stunning thunder and thrusting it high and dry on land. The snow was an aerial avalanche of glassy points that danced and hissed; it piled up streamlined mountains in the lee of ridges, higher than the ridges themselves; it choked highways and ditches and the streets of towns, blotted out railroads and rose like floodwater in the Upper Michigan forests. Andrew Brant sat in the untidy front office of the Red Rock Reporter and scowled at a typewriter that had seen better days. A two-inch curtain of solid ice and snow covered the plate-glass windows facing the street, shutting out what h'ttle daylight was left. Above Brant's head a dangling electric bulb, green-shaded, showered down a yellow glare which emphasized in highlight and shadow.


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