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Carola Salisbury Gothic novels, listed in Hubin
Elizabeth Salter Series character Inspector Michael Hornsley
Bruce Sanders Series character Howard Digburn
Lawrence Sanders Series character Edward X. Delaney
Douglas Sanderson Cry Wolfram
James Sandys Inspector Millwall
Sapper aka HC McNeile
Ben Sarto House name pulp fiction author
Richard Savage Dr Ferenc
Gerald Savi Obscure author
Charles Saxby Obscure American author
Dorothy L Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey
Frank Scarpetta Philip Magellan The Marksman
Margaret Scherf Martin Buell
Bruno Schwarz Obscure British author
Jack S Scott Series character DI Alf Rosher
Sutherland Scott Series character Dr Septimus Dodds
Seamark Austin J. Small
Edwy Searles-Brooks aka Berkeley Gray and Victor Gunn
Mabel Seeley American born author
Owen Sela SC Nicholas Maasten
Francis Selwyn Sergeant Verity mysteries
T.J.R. Sennocke Sergeant Mallory books
Graham Seton Hubin listed author
Richard Severn SC: Jeff Cass
Alan Sewart SC: Detective Chief Superintendent Evans
Henry Seymour Also known as H. Seymour
Joseph Shallit Sci Fi and mystery author
Mark Shane Aka Victor Norwood
Brad Shannon Lefty Connor pulp crime
David Sharp Professor Henry Arthur Fielding
Robert Sharp Aka Jon J. deegan
Richard Shattuck US crime and mystery author
Jack Shelynn Obscure Robert Hale author
Neal Shepherd Pseudonym of Nigel Morland
Neil Sheraton Pseudonym of Norman Edward Mace Smith
A.W. Sherring Robert Hale author
Edna Sherry Hubin listed author
Kathleen A Shoesmith Hubin listed author
Ione Sandberg Shriber Lt. Bill Grady
Irving Shulman Hubin listed author
Lance Sieveking Hubin listed author
Van Siller Aka Hilda Van Siller
Simenon Creator of Maigret
Simon Oswell Blakeston and Roger Burford
SJ Simon Wrote with Caryl Brahms
Roger Simons Chief Detective Inspector Fadiman Wace
Dorothy Simpson Inspector Thanet
Helen Simpson Wrote with Clemence Dane
George Sims English suspense writer
Fiona Sinclair Paul Grainger books
John Slate Aka John Russell Fearn
Nigel Sligh Hubin listed writer
H Maynard Smith Inspector Frost books
Shelley Smith English born author
Edmund Snell Characters: Reggie Faulkner - Peter Pennington
Charles H Snow Very prolific author, Hubin listed but mainly westerns
Pierre Souvestre & Marcell Allain Created Fantomas
Danny Spade Aka Dail Ambler
Nancy Spain Miriam Birdseye
Weldon Spann Obscure Hubin listed author
Hank Spencer 1950s pulp author
Bart Spicer American hard-boiled author
Mickey Spillane Created Mike Hammer
Andrew Spiller Obscure English author
C St John Sprigg Inspector Bray
Wesley Sproule Hubin listed author
Jonathan Stagge Dr Hugh Westlake
Marguerite Stand Bill Rice - Constable Robins - Miss Thea
Walter Standish Pulp tough guy gangster author
George Stanley The Black Pilgrim
Ken Stanton Aka Manning Lee Stokes
Vincent Starrett Sherlock Holmes expert
Kurt Steel Series character Hank Hyer
Derwent Steele Series character John Blackmore
Charles Stoddard Series character Mallory of the RCMP
Hampton Stone Also wrote as George Bagby
Michael Storme Classic pulp author
Rex Stout Main character Nero Wolfe
John Stephen Strange Barney Gantt
LAG Strong SC Inspector Ellis McKay
Brian Stuart Series character Knock-Out Kavanagh
Ian Stuart Hubin listed author
Jeremy Sturrock Aka Ben Healey
Beryl Symons Series character Jane Carberry
Julian Symons Important author and critic