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Peter Conway Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Peter Conway Series Character: Lucy Beck

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Motive for Revenge Robert Hale 1972 The first Lucy Beck book
The Padded Cell Rest Same 1973
Escape to Danger 1974
Hostages to Fortune 1975
Murder in Duplicate Robert Hale 1975
Flight of Fear 1976
The Devil to Pay 1976
Cradle Snatch 1976
Victims of Circumstance Robert Hale 1977
A Word in Her Ear 1977
The Dancing Bear 1978
One for the Road 1979
Thirty Days to Live Robert Hale 1979
Repent at Leisure 1979 Dustwrapper design Howard Bartrop
Nut Case 1980
Pulling Strings 1980 Dust jacket artwork Peter Dobson
Needle Track Robert Hale 1981 Dustwrapper photography Jim Cambridge
Mirror Image 1982
Dead Drunk 1982
Struck Dumb 1983 DJ design Sarah Hutchings
Cryptic Clue Robert Hale 1984
Fallen Angel Robert Hale 1985
Locked In Old Museum Press 1998 Published: Bramber, West Sussex
Copy held in University of Cambridge, King's College
Reprinted by Robert Hale 2006
Dust jacket by Derek Colligan
Evil Streak Private Printing 1999 Book held in University of Cambridge, King's College
Reprinted by Robert Hale 2006
Unwillingly to School Private Printing 2000 Reissued London : Robert Hale, 2007
Dead Reckoning Private Printing 2000
Deserving Death Robert Hale 2007 Another reprint from Private Print ?
Dustwrapper artwork by Michael Thomas
Deadly Obsession Robert Hale 2008 Another reissue ?
Vengeance Deferred Robert Hale 2009
Deadly Deception Robert Hale 2009
Web of Deceit Robert Hale 2010
Family Fallout Robert Hale 2011

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Peter Conway Author Biography - Information About the Author
Peter Conway is a pseudonym of Peter Claudius Gautier-Smith who was born in 1929, not to be confused with Conway, Peter, 1903-1996 according to the British Library.
A complicated bibliography to compile. We've relied on the deliniation of birth dates as to which books to include by authors listed as Peter Conway.
Usual issue for both collectors and readers with this British publisher, mostly ex-library copies, and some titles very rare indeed, particularly in collectble condition.

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