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Elliott Cannon Series Character: Guy Fosse

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Breakaway Robert Hale 1973
Stand by to Shoot Robert Hale 1973
A Piece of Action Robert Hale 1973
A Sense of Danger Robert Hale 1973
The Dumbo Dossier Robert Hale 1975
Element of Risk Robert Hale 1975
A Kind of Nightmare Robert Hale 1975
The Big Chip Robert Hale 1976
The Treachery Trade Robert Hale 1977
A Nice Guy Like Me Robert Hale 1977
Dead Reckoning Robert Hale 1978
The Tin Soldier Robert Hale 1978
If You Can't Be Good Robert Hale 1979
Devil's Paradise Robert Hale 1979
The Edge of Hate Robert Hale 1979
Dead Ringer Robert Hale 1980
A Foe to Sleep Robert Hale 1980
The V2 Virus Robert Hale 1980
The Life Adjuster Robert Hale 1981
Nobody Loves Me Robert Hale 1981
A Question of Survival Robert Hale 1981

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

Elliott Cannon Biography - Information About the Author
Elliott Cannon was a pseudonym of Arthur Elliott-Cannon.
The list of books above is ordered according to British Library reception date, that said we cannot guarantee order when more than one book is published in the same year. Collectors will be aware of the infamously small Hale print runs and the fact that most of the print runs went to public libraries making life tricky for the collector looking for nice copies in dust jackets, not impossible though.


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