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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Voice Out of Darkness Dodd Mead 1948 UK: 1949 Evans
The Second Sickle Dodd 1950 UK: 1951 Evans as Hollow House
The Noonday Devil Mead 1951 UK: 1953 Eyre & Spottiswoode
The Iron Cobweb Ditto 1953 UK: 1953 Eyre
The Deadly Climate Ditto 1954 UK: 1955 Eyre
Widow's Web Ditto 1956 UK: 1956 Eyre
The Stairway Ditto 1957 UK: 1958 Eyre
The Face of the Tiger Ditto 1958 UK: 1960 Eyre
So Dies the Dreamer Ditto 1960 UK: 1960 Eyre
Hours to Kill Ditto 1961 UK: 1962 Eyre
The Forbidden Garden Ditto 1962 UK: 1962 as above
The Wasp Ditto 1963 UK: 1964 Eyre
Out of the Dark Ditto 1964 UK: 1965 as Child's Play
Danger Hospital Zone Ditto 1966 UK: 1967 Hodder & Stoughton
Don't Open the Door Ditto 1968 UK: 1969 Hodder
Letter of Intent Ditto 1971 UK: 1972 Macmillan
The Birthday Gift Ditto 1975 UK: 1976 Macmillan as Dig a Little Deeper
In Cold Pursuit Ditto 1977 UK: 1978 Macmillan
The Menace Within Ditto 1979 UK: 1979 Macmillan
The Poisoned Orchard Ditto 1980 UK: 1980 Macmillan
Dog in the Manger Ditto 1982 UK: 1982 Macmillan as Graveyard Shift
Death of a Crow Ditto 1983 UK: 1983 Macmillan

Further Information
Ursula Curtiss, daughter of Helen Reilly and the artist Paul Reilly was also the sister of Mary McMullen. She was born in America, 1923, and all her books were first published there. There are a number of alternative titles for English editions, these have been duly noted. Some later paperback editions also had alternative titles, those are not covered here. There are at least ten uncollected short stories which appeared in various detective and suspense magazines


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