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Thomas Chastain Series Character: Inspector Max Kauffman - J.T. Spanner

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Judgement Day Doubleday 1962 US only
Death Stalk Award Books 1971 New York
Assassination Brigade Award 1973 UK: 1974 Tandem. as Nick Carter
Pandora's Box Mason/Charter 1975 UK: 1975 Cassell
911 Mason/Charter 1976 UK: 1976 Cassell as The Christmas Bomber
Vital Statistics Times 1977 NY
High Voltage Doubleday 1979 UK: 1980 Robert Hale
The Diamond Exchange Doubleday 1981 UK: 1981 Robert Hale
Nightscape Atheneum 1982 New York
Who Killed the Robins Family ?
And Where and When and Why and How Did They Die
William Morrow 1983  
Revenge of the Robins Family Morrow 1984  
The Picture Perfect Murder Morrow 1987  
Where the Truth Lies Morrow 1988  
The Prosecutor Morrow 1992  

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Thomas Chastain Biography - Further Information
Thomas Chastain, who also wrote as Nick Carter, worked as a newspaper reporter and editor in New York. His series characters are Inspector Max Kauffman and JT Spanner. He is best known for Who Killed the Robins Family and the $10,000 reward put up to the best solution. Whilst the book is essentially a gimmick it does stand scrutiny as a mystery work as one by one he kills off members of the family in various exotic locations and by various means. The books were all published in the United States first with the majority seeing no English edition though we have noted them where applicable

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