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John Jay Chichester Series Characters:
Maxwell Sanderson and Jimmy "Wiggly" Price

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Porcelain Mask Chelsea House 1924 UK: edition 1925 Herbert Jenkins
Illustrated boards
The House of the Moving Room Chelsea House 1926 UK: edition 1926 Hutchinson
The Bigamist Chelsea House 1925 UK: edition 1927 Hutchinson
The Silent Cracksman Chelsea House 1929 UK: edition Hutchinson 1929
Rogues of Fortune Chelsea House 1929 UK: edition 1930 Hutchinson
Sanderson: Master Rogue Chelsea House 1929 UK: edition 1930 Hutchinson
The King of Diamonds Chelsea House 1930 UK: edition 1931 Hutchinson
Sanderson's Diamond Loot Chelsea House 1935 UK: edition 1935 Hutchinson

John Jay Chichester Biography
John Jay Chichester as an author is, ironically, something of a mystery I'm afraid.
As to the books. American first editions precede the English in every case.
The three books published in 1929 may not be chronological.
There is a short story "The Unconscious Accomplice" by John Jay Chichester in Detective Story Magazine: April 20th 1929
First editions in jackets are rare, UK editions much rarer than US, and there are some very attractive dust jackets


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