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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Thus was Adonis Murdered Collins Crime Club 1981 red cloth, gilt lettering
The Shortest Way to Hades Collins Crime Club 1984 red cloth, gilt lettering
The Sirens Sang of Murder Collins Crime Club 1989 red cloth, gilt lettering
An Acquaintance with Mr Collins Collins Crime Club 1990 red cloth, gilt lettering, short story
The Perfect Murder Collins Crime Club 1991 red cloth, gilt lettering, collaboration

Further Information
The author, real name Sarah Cockburn, born 1939 and sadly passed away in 2000, was born in London and practised as a Barrister in the famous Lincoln's Inn. Her name was a mystery in itself originally but by the time of the third book the secret was out. A superb series character and very well written. There is one major problem however, simply not enough titles!.

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