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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Margaret Carr Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Spring into Love Robert Hale 1967 Not in Hubin
Tread Warily at Midnight Robert Hale 1971
Sitting Duck Robert Hale 1972
Who's the Target? Robert Hale 1974
Wait for the Wake Robert Hale 1974
Blood will Out Robert Hale 1975
Too Close for Comfort Robert Hale 1975
Blindman's Bluff Robert Hale 1976
Out of the Past Robert Hale 1976
Sharendel Robert Hale 1976
Dare the Devil Robert Hale 1976
Twin Tragedy Robert Hale 1977
The Witch of Wykham Robert Hale 1978 Not crime fiction
An Innocent Abroad Robert Hale 1979 Not a mystery fiction book
Daggers Drawn Robert Hale 1980

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Margaret Carr Biography - Information About the Author
Margaret Carr also used the pseudonyms Martin Carroll and Carole Kerr.
None of the books in th elist above were published in America.
The books are listed in the order held by British Library, re multiple books published in the same year.
Book collectors will find th eage old problem with Margaret Carr's books - the publisher - most of the print run was allocated to public libraries so finding them in collectable condition in dust jacket is not easy.

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