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Harry Carmichael Bibliography

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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death Leaves a Diary Collins Crime Club 1952  
The Vanishing Track Collins 1952  
The Deadly Night-Cap Collins 1953  
School for Murder Collins 1953  
Death Counts Three Collins 1954 US: 1955 Schuster as Screaming Rabbit
Why Kill Johnny ? Collins 1954  
Noose for a Lady Collins 1955  
Money for Murder Collins 1955  
Justice Enough Collins 1956  
The Dead of the Night Collins 1956  
Emergency Exit Collins 1957  
Put Out That Star Collins 1957 US: 1958 Doubleday as Into Thin Air
A Question of Time Collins 1958  
James Knowland Deceased Collins 1958  
Or Be He Dead Doubleday 1958 UK:1959 Collins
Stranglehold Collins 1959 US: 1959 Doubleday as Marked Man
The Seeds of Hate Collins 1959  
Requiem for Charles Collins 1960 US: 1961 Doubleday as Late Unlamented
Alibi Collins 1961 US: 1962 Macmillan
Confession Collins 1961  
The link Collins 1962  
Of Unsound Mind Collins 1962 US: 1962 Doubleday
Vendetta Collins 1963 US: 1963 Macmillan
Flashback Collins 1964 Dust jacket priced 15/-
Safe Secret Collins 1964 US: 1965 Macmillan
Post Mortem Collins 1965 US: 1966 Doubleday
Suicide Cause Collins 1966  
Murder By Proxy Collins 1967  
The Condemned Collins 1967  
A Slightly Bitter Taste Collins 1968  
Remote Control Collins 1970 US: 1971 McCall
Death Trap Collins 1970 US: 1971 McCall
Most Deadly Hate Collins 1971  
The Quiet Woman Collins 1971  
Naked to the Grave Collins 1972  
Too Late for Tears Collins 1973 Dust jacket priced £1.70 net
Candles for the Dead Collins 1973  
The Motive Collins 1974 US: 1977 Dutton
False Evidence Collins 1976 US: 1977 Dutton
A Grave for Two Collins 1977  
Life Cycle Collins 1978  

Hartley Howard Bibliography

Hartley Howard Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Last Appointment Collins 1951  
The Last Deception Ditto 1951  
The Last Vanity Ditto 1952  
Death of Cecilia Ditto 1952  
The Other Side of the Door Ditto 1953  
Bowman Strikes Again Ditto 1953  
Bowman on Broadway Ditto 1954  
Bowman on a Venture Ditto 1954  
Sleep for the Wicked Ditto 1955  
No Target for Bowman Ditto 1955 Dustwrapper priced 9s 6d net
The Bowman Touch Ditto 1956  
A Hearse for Cinderella Ditto 1956  
The Long Night Ditto 1957  
Key to the Morgue Ditto 1957  
The Big Snatch Ditto 1958 Dust jacket by Willaim Randell
Sleep My Pretty One Ditto 1958  
Deadline Ditto 1959  
The Armitage Secret Ditto 1959 Dust jacket artwork by William Randell
Fall Guy Ditto 1960  
Extortion Ditto 1960 Dust jacket priced 10s 6d net
Time Bomb Ditto 1961  
I'm No Hero Ditto 1961  
Count Down Ditto 1962  
Double Finesse Ditto 1962 Dust jacket design by Barbara Walton
The Stretton Case Ditto 1963  
Department K Ditto 1964 US: 1968 Pyramid as Assignment K
Out of the Fire Ditto 1965 Dustwrapper design by Barbara Walton
Portrait of a Beautiful Harlot Ditto 1966  
Counterfeit Ditto 1966  
Routine Investigation Ditto 1967  
The Eye of the Hurricane Ditto 1968 Dustwrapper design by Barbara Walton
The Secret of Simon Cornell Ditto 1969  
Cry on My Shoulder Ditto 1970  
Room 37 Ditto 1970  
Million Dollar Snapshot Ditto 1971  
Murder One Ditto 1971  
Epitaph for Joanna Ditto 1972  
Nice Day for a Funeral Ditto 1972  
Highway to Murder Ditto 1973  
Dead Drunk Ditto 1974  
Treble Cross Ditto 1975  
Payoff Ditto 1976  
One-Way Ticket Ditto 1978 Dust jacket by Roy Botterell
The Sealed Envelope Ditto 1979  

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Harry Carmichael Biography - Further Information
Harry Carmichael, whose real name was Leopold Horace Ognall born 1908 and died 1979, also used the name Hartley Howard. His output, as is clear, most tremendous and unusually for someone so prolific his work seemed to improve over the years. The main series characters under the Harry Carmichael name are John Piper, an insurance assessor and the crime reporter Quinn who feature in virtually every title. As Hartley Howard the main characters were Glenn Bowman and Philip Scott. The authors style is rooted firmly in the Golden Age of Crime Fiction and traditionally very English. Only a few of his books saw an American release and these have been duly noted, with alternative titles when applicable. Collectors seeking a full set of first editions in original jackets have quite a task ahead of them, that said unlike many authors it is a feasible objective. The early Crime Club titles tend to benefit for attractive jacket.

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