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Dustwrapper by William Randell

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It was in the bar of the Kentish Arms that he met Dr. Charles Mason's attractive, red-haired wife. That chance meeting on a bitterly cold night in January was the prelude to murder. Before the night was over Quinn found himself in a situation fraught with terrible danger—a situation from which he could see no way out. In despair he turned for help to John Piper, an old friend whose abilities and experience in criminal investigation are cloaked under the ambiguous title of Insurance Assessor. Piper agreed to make inquiries. He was not to know that those inquiries would eventually lead him to the point where his own life would be in jeopardy—the poini of no return. Stranglehold is a fast, taut story of suspense. It has all the qualities that have made Harry Carmichael's name a guarantee

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