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W.H.Lane Crauford Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

W.H.Lane Crauford Series Character: Detective Kellerway

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

W.H.Lane Crauford Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Missing Ace Ward Lock 1931
The Hawkmoor Mystery Rest Same 1932
The Crimson Mask 1932
Follow the Lady 1932
The Final Curtain 1933
Judy Ward Lock 1933
Dogs in Clover 1933
When the Devil was Well 1934
Sally to Oblige 1934
The Ravencroft Mystery 1934
Pat Preferred Ward Lock 1935
The Imperfect Gentleman 1935
The Sixteenth Earl 1936
And then a Boy 1936
Murder to Music 1936 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
Fly Away Peter Ward Lock 1937
All the king's Men 1937
Love on the Run 1938
Priscilla Goes Astray 1938
An Apple a Day 1939
Almost a Lady Ward Lock 1939
Good-Bye George 1940 Dustwrapper artist Dudley Tennant
The Marriage of Sophie 1940
Ladies First 1941 Dustwrapper artwork Dudley Tennant
Miss Nobody 1941
Gentlemen, the Queen Ward Lock 1942
Too Good to be True 1942
The Stork and Mr. Melvil 1943
The Sky's the Limit 1943
Time Gentlemen, Please 1944
And then there Were Nine Ward Lock 1945
Money for Jam 1946 DJ priced 8/6
Clothes and the Man 1947
A Date with Death 1947
Joseph Proctor's Money 1948
The Bride Wears Black Ward Lock 1948
Till Murder do us Part 1949 Dust jacket priced 8/6
Smooth Killing 1949
Drakmere Must Die 1950
Elementary, My Dear Freddie 1950
A Man's Shadow Ward Lock 1951
Murder of a Dead Man 1952 Dust cover priced 9/6
One Man's Meat 1952
The Dearly Beloved Wives 1953
Where is Jenny Willet ? 1953
Another Woman's Poison Ward Lock 1954
The Ivory Goddess 1954
The Cat Dies First Ward Lock 1955

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W.H.Lane Crauford Author Biography - Information About the Author
William Harold Lane Crauford was born in 1886, he's Hubin listed and his main series character is Detective Kellerway.
This Lane Crauford bibliography goes way beyond the scope of Hubin, we've included every book held by the British Library, Oxford and Cambridge etc, so this should be a complet elist of books in order.
All of the books, including the non crime fiction titles, have superb period dust jacket artwork which would make a comprehensive collection of the first edition books something to behold.
Book collectors should be aware of numbers on the spines of Ward Lock dust jackets, this indicates a later publication even though the books tend to have first edition text blocks.

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