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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Case of the Curious Heel Vulcan 1944 Not in the ECB
The Case of the Phantom Fingerprints Vulcan 1945 Not in the ECB
Murder Out of Mind Green 1945 Not in the ECB
Satan Comes Across Eerie 1945 Not in the ECB
The Tortured Path Dutton 1957 as Kendell Foster Crossen
UK: 1958 Eyre
The Big Dive Dutton 1959 As above
UK: 1959 Eyre

As Richard Foster

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Laughing Buddha Murders Vulcan 1944 Not in the ECB
The Invisible Man Murders Green 1945 Not in the ECB
The Girt from Easy Street Popular 1952  
Blonde and Beautiful Popular 1955  
Bier for a Chaser Fawcett 1959 UK: 1960 Muller
The Rest Must Die Fawcett 1959 UK: 1960 Muller
Too Late for Mourning Fawcett 1960 UK: 1961 Muller

As M.E. Chaber

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Hangman's Harvest Holt 1952  
No Grave for March Ditto 1953 UK: 1954 Eyre
As Old as Cain Ditto 1954  
The Man Inside Holt 1954 UK: 1955 Eyre
The Splintered Man Ditto 1955 UK: 1957 Boardman
A Lonely Walk Ditto 1956 UK: 1957 Boardman
The Gallows Garden Ditto 1958 UK: 1958 Boardman
A Hearse of Another Color Holt 1958 UK: 1959 Boardman
So Dead the Rose Ditto 1959 UK: 1960 as above
Jade for a Lady Ditto 1962 UK: 1962 as above
Softly in the Night Holt 1963 UK: 1963 as above
Six Who Ran Ditto 1964 UK: 1965 as above
Uneasy Lies the Dead Ditto 1964 UK: 1964 as above
Wanted: Dead Men Ditto 1965 UK: 1966 as above
The Day It Rained Diamonds Holt 1966 UK: 1968 Macdonald
A Man in the Middle Rinehart 1967  
Wild Midnight Falls Ditto 1968  
The Flaming Man Rinehart 1969 UK: 1970 Hale
Green Grow the Graves Ditto 1970 UK: 1971 Hale
The Bonded Dead Ditto 1971 UK: 1973 Hale
Born to Be Hanged Rinehart 1973  

As Christopher Monig

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Burned Man Dutton 1956 UK: 1957 Boardman
Abra-Cadaver Dutton 1958 UK: 1958 Boardman
Once upon a Crime Dutton 1959 UK: 1960 Boardman
The Lonely Graves Dutton 1960 UK: 1961 Boardman

As Clay Richards

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Marble Jungle Obolensky 1961 UK: 1963 Cassell
Death of an Angel Obolensky 1963  
The Gentle Assassin Obolensky 1964 UK: 1965 Boardman
Who Steals My Name Obolensky 1964 UK: 1965 Boardman

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Further Information
Ken Crossen, born 25 July 1910 - 1981, wrote under numerous pseudonyms. As well as all the books listed in the bibliography above, there are numerous uncollected short stories and a few novels of a non-mystery nature. Various series characters include: Jason Jones, Necessary Smith, Pete Draco, Chin Kwang Kham. Milo March, Brain Brett and Grant Kirby.


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