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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Gilt Kid [A Novel] Jonathan Cape 1936 293 pages (8º)
Paperback, Penguin Books 1947
Reprinted London Books, 2007
You’re in the Racket Too Jonathan Cape 1937 288 pages (8º)
US Knopf 938
There Ain't No Justice Jonathan Cape 1937 283 pages (8º)
US: A. Knopf 1937, DJ $2.50 net on flap
Softcover edition: Pan Books 1950
Reprinted again by Ace Books in 1961
"Set in the boxing world & tenements of London"
Basis of a film of the same name
The Land of Liberty Secker and Warburg 1938 161 pages (8º)
An indictment of recent legislation for its
curtailment of the liberty
of the working class in England
They Drive By Night Jonathan Cape 1938 284 pages (8º)
Reprinted John Lehmann 1948 [Holiday Library]
Paperback Mayflower Books 1966
Reprinted again London Books, 2008
Made into a black & white movie in 1938
What Immortal Hand Nicolson and Watson 1939 279 pages (8º)
Reissued William Heinemann 1941
Look Long Upon a Monkey Arthur Barker 1956 224 pages (8º) Priced 12s 6d net
Dust jacket artwork by John Dugan
Features burglar, a Teddy boy and an IRA man

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James Curtis Author Biography - Information About the Author
James Curtis, born Geoffrey Basil Maiden 1907 and died 1977, is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author.
Whilst not a "main stream" author he is well regarded amongst those aware of James Curtis' books.
The first edition books in dust jacket are regarded as rare and much sought after, expect books to be priced accordingly.
American editions have been noted as and when applicable, re the US Library of Congress.
This James Curtis bibliography contains every book held in the British Library so it should be a complete list of books in order of publication (note when more than one book is published in the same year order is listed as held by the BL and Oxford)

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