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George Harmon Coxe Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

This George Harmon Coxe bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder With Pictures Heinemann 1937 Feb 37. DW 7/6
The Barotique Mystery   1937 July 37. DW 7/6
The Camera Clue   1938 DW 7/6
The Frightened Woman   1939 DW 7/6
Murder for the Asking   1940 Jan 40. DW 7/6
The Glass Triangle Knopf 1940 No UK edition
The Lady is Afraid   1940 May 40. DW 8/-
Mrs Murdock Takes a Case Swan 1949  
No Time to Kill Knopf 1941 No UK
Assignment in Guiana Macdonald 1943  
The Charred Witness Swan 1949  
Silent are the Dead Knopf 1942 No UK
Murder for Two Hammond 1944  
Murder in Havana Hammond 1945 Blue/Green boards. DJ 8/6
Alias the Dead Hammond 1945  
The Groom Lay Dead Hammond 1946 Blueish cloth, black lettering. Jacket 8/6
The Jade Venus Hammond 1947  
Woman at Bay Hammond 1948  
Dangerous Legacy Hammond 1949  
Fashioned for Murder Hammond 1950  
The Fifth Key Hammond 1950  
The Hollow Needle Hammond 1952  
Venturous Lady Hammond 1951  
Inland Passage Hammond 1953  
Lady Killer Hammond 1952  
Eye Witness Hammond 1953  
The Frightened Fiancee Hammond 1953  
The Man Who Died Twice Hammond 1955 Red cloth, yellow titles
Dustwrapper 9s 6d
The Widow had a Gun Hammond 1954  
Never Bet Your Life Hammond 1955 Red cloth, yellow titles
Dustwrapper 9s 6d
The Crimson Clue Hammond 1955  
Uninvited Guest Hammond 1956  
Death at the Isthmus Hammond 1956  
Focus on Murder Hammond 1956  
Top Assignment Hammond 1957  
Man on a Rope Hammond 1958  
Suddenly a Widow Hammond 1957  
Murder on Their Minds Hammond 1958  
One Minute Past Eight Hammond 1959  
The Big Gamble Hammond 1960  
The Impetuous Mistress Hammond 1959  
Slack Tide Hammond 1960  
The Last Commandment Hammond 1961  
One Way Out Hammond 1961 Red cloth, black titles. Jacket 12/6
Error of Judgement Hammond 1962  
Moment of Violence Hammond 1962  
The Man Who Died Too Soon Hammond 1963  
Mission of Fear Hammond 1963  
The Hidden Key Hammond 1964  
One Hour to Kill Hammond 1964 Red cloth, yellow letters
Dust jacket 13s 6d
Deadly Image Hammond 1964  
The Reluctant Heiress Hammond 1966  
With Intent to Kill Hammond 1965  
The Ring of Truth Hammond 1967  
The Candid Imposter Hale 1969  
An Easy Way to Go Hale 1969  
Double Identity Hale 1971  
Fenner Hale 1973  
Woman with a Gun Hale 1974  
The Silent Witness Hale 1974  
The Inside Man Hale 1975  
No Place for Murder Hale 1976  

Further Information
George Harmon Coxe was born in New York in 1901 and passed away in 1984. The bibliography is arranged in order of US publication. In all cases the American issues precede the British with some titles not having a UK edition. Coxe was extremely prolific and also wrote a huge number of uncollected short stories which appeared in various magazines and periodicals. His series characters are Flash Casey, Sam Crombie, Jack Fenner, Max Hale and Kent Murdock.

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