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This Mark Carrel bibliography or checklist features only the mystery titles by the author.
At present we cannot guarantee the chronology when more than one book was published in the same year.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Case of the Hollow Man Foulsham 1958  
Case of the Innocent Witness Foulsham 1959 Black cloth, gilt lettering
The Case of the Perfect Alibi Foulsham 1960  
The Blood Pit Robert Hale 1967  
The Dark Edge of Violence Robert Hale 1967  
Shadow of a Hawk Robert Hale 1967  
A Sword of Silk Robert Hale 1967  
Tears of Blood Robert Hale 1967  
The Steel Mask Robert Hale 1968  
Kill and Be Damned Robert Hale 1970  
The Emerald Heart Robert Hale 1971  
Counsel for the Killer Robert Hale 1972  
One Last Time Robert Hale 1973  
Assignment for Trouble Robert Hale 1974  
Murder Without Motive Robert Hale 1974  
The Octopus' Shadow Robert Hale 1974  
The Underground Men Robert Hale 1975  
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Further Information
Mark Carrel is just one of the many pen names used by American author Lauran Bosworth Paine, born 1916.
Other names, include; John Armour, Reg Batchelor, Kenneth Bedford, Frank Bosworth, Robert Clarke, Richard Dana, J. F. Drexler, Troy Howard, Jared Ingersol, John Kilgore, Hunter Liggett, J. K. Lucas, John Morgan.
The main series character for the mystery novels was Andrew McCall.
This checklist of books does not include the westerns written under this name

Synopsis from Case of the Innocent Victim
A car passed and a hired killer lay suddenly dead on the pavement . , . It was over in a second, but from that moment Mrs. Donna Reed, an innocent onlooker, menaced the survival of the gangsters she had witnessed wipe out Rocco Pietro. The rich and beautiful widow found herself caught up in a web of intrigue and vice, woven not only by cheap hoodlums and dope-traffickers but by some of her closest friends and neighbours in the plushy vicinity of Vicente Road. Someone who knew her intimately was Mr. Big himself. At a word from him, Donna's son was kidnapped from under the noses of the police. Mr. Big threatened and killed with utter ruthlessness. Which one was he of the regular visitors to Donna's house ?
Ken Tallant, whom the papers called the city's wonder cop, started off with a disadvantage. Mrs. Reed didn't want to co-operate with him for fear of endangering her son. Later she came to trust him, to help and even to think of him with gratitude and love as he untiringly pieced together the evidence which would send Mr. Big to the electric chair.
This unusual thriller has all the ingredients of a good detective story and builds up to a climax which has rarely been equalled for tension and dramatic quality. .


See also: Jared Ingersol

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