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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Loaded Dice Methuen 1926 with B.V. Shann. Jun 26 DW 3/6
The Perilous Way Jarrolds 1926 Nov 26. DW 7/6
The Sin of David Selwyn 1932 DW 7/6
Murder at Midnight Mellifont 1935 with B.V. Shann. Not in ECB
The Dark House Gramol 1935 Not in the ECB
The Imposter Gramol 1935 Not in the ECB
Devil's Snare Ditto 1935 Not in the ECB
Shadowed Mellifont 1936 Not in the ECB
Bird of Prey Gramol 1937 Not in the ECB
Someone Must Die Hurst 1940 DW 8/6
Questionable Shape Hurst 1941 DW 8/6
Quislings over Paris Ditto 1942 DW 9/-
The Knife Will Fall Hurst 1943 Sept 43. DW 9/-
The Testing of Tony Macdonald 1943 DW 7/6
Steps in the Dark Ditto 1945 Jan 45. DW 8/6
Not Expected to Live Hurst 1945 May 45. DW 8/6
Everything He Touched Macdonald 1945 Nov 45. DW 8/6
A Lovely Corpse Hurst 1946  
Darkness as a Bride Ditto 1947  
Hearsed in Death Ditto 1947  
The Worms Have Eaten Them Hurst 1948  
And Then Came Fear Hurst 1949  
The Crime School Eldon 1949  
On the Danger List Hurst 1950  
Policeman's Nightmare Ditto 1950  
Confetti Can Be Red Ditto 1951  
The Man Who Covered Mirrors Ditto 1951  
One Foot in the Grave Ditto 1952  
Booked for Death Hurst 1952  
Fade Out the Stars Ditto 1952  
The Charge Is Murder Ditto 1953  
Etched in Violence Ditto 1953  
Which of Us Is Safe? Ditto 1953  
The Frightened Brides Ditto 1954  
Unto Death Utterly Ditto 1954  
Lying at Death's Door Hurst 1956  
Far Better Dead! Hutchinson 1957  
Hate for Sale Ditto 1957  
Out of This World Hutchinson 1958  
Murmurs in the Rue Morgue Ditto 1959  
Remains to Be Seen Ditto 1960  
There Must Be Victims Ditto 1961  
Attention Saturnin Dax Hutchinson 1962  
Postscript to a Death Ditto 1963  
Hate Finds a Way Ditto 1964  
The Dice Were Loaded Ditto 1965  
No Sentiment in Murder Ditto 1966  

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Further Information
Marten Cumberland, 1892 to 1972 was a pseudonym of Kevin O'Hara. The main series character being Saturnin Dax. Some of the books were published in the USA and several had alternative titles.


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