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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Customer's Always Wrong Hurst Blackett 1951  
Exit and Curtain Hurst Blackett 1952  
Sing, Clubman, Sing! Ditto 1952  
Always Tell the Sleuth Hurst Blackett 1953  
It Leaves Them Cold Hurst Blackett 1954  
Keep Your Fingers Crossed Hurst Blackett 1955  
The Pace That Kills As Above 1955  
Women Like to Know Jarrolds 1957  
Danger: Women at Work! Hurst Blackett 1958  
Well, I'll Be Hanged! Ditto 1958  
And Here Is the Noose! Hurst Blackett 1959  
Taking Life Easy John Long 1961  
If Anything Should Happen John Long 1962  
Don't Tell the Police John Long 1963  
Don't Neglect the Body John Long 1964  
It's Your Funeral John Long 1966  

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Further Information
Kevin O'Hara is a pseudonym of Marten Cumberland, born 1892 to 1972. His main series character is  Chico Brett and he appears in all the titles. I can find no record of any American editions.


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