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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Bait Money NEL 1976 US: Curtis 1973
Blood Money NEL 1977 US: Curtis 1973
The Broker Berkley 1976 No UK edition
The Broker's Wife Berkley 1976 No UK edition
The Dealer Berkley 1976 No UK edition
The Slasher Berkley 1977 No UK edition
Fly Paper Pinnacle 1981 No UK edition
Hush Money Pinnacle 1981 No UK edition
Hard Cash Pinnacle 1981 No UK edition
Scratch Fever Pinnacle 1982 No UK edition
The Baby Blue Rip Off Walker 1983 No UK edition
No Cure for Death Walker 1983 No UK edition
True Detective St Martin's 1983 No UK edition
Kill Your Darlings Walker 1984 No UK edition
True Crime St Martin's 1985 No UK edition

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Further Information
Max Allan Collins was born in America on 3rd March 1948. He worked as a musician and journalist before becoming a full time writer. His series characters are Nathan Heller, Mallory, Nolan and Quarry. Only the first two books have seen a UK release. The authors style is influenced heavily by the hard boiled school. His best work is generally regarded to be the historical mystery True Detective which features Nat Heller.

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