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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The House in Brook Street Hurst & Blackett 1949 Blue boards, black titles. Jacket 8/6
High Tide at Midnight Hurst & Blackett 1950  
Weep No More, Lady Hurst & Blackett 1952  
Die with Me, Lady Harlequin 1953 Canadian paperback original - Book 233
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The House in Brook Street

Dust Jacket Artist: A.R.H.

Further Information - Biography
In 1943 I believe he wrote a short story-article in Illustrated magazine, October 2 issue called Go in and Get 'Em !
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Bruce Graeme on The House in Brook Street
"Wives who wish their husbands to fall asleep at a reasonable hour should not allow them to take this title to bed ; it is one of the 'to be read at a sitting' variety, and liable to bring about a marital crisis. "Written in the best'Clubfoot1 tradition, The House in Brook Street never flags in interest from the first to the last page. Yet, in spite of fast moving action which carries Chief Inspector Crawley from Washington to London, thence to Paris and back to London again, there is a deft touch of light-hearted gaiety and dry humour about the story which makes it just that much more readable than the majority of thrillers If suggest this title as a 'must' for all readers who pride themselves on discovering a new author, or who relish an entertaining yarn of detection, counterespionage, plot and counter plot. "Good luck to The House in Brook Street, and its author."


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