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Leslie Cargill Series Characters:
Major Mosson - Morrison Sharpe

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Leslie Cargill Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Yellow Phantom Fiction House 1935
Death Goes By Bus Herbert Jenkins 1936
Murder in the Procession Herbert Jenkins 1937
Heads You Lose Herbert Jenkins 1938
Gestapo Gauntlet Herbert Jenkins 1939
Beyond the Frontiers Herbert Jenkins 1940
It Might Have Meant Murder Herbert Jenkins 1940
Death Walks in Scarlet Herbert Jenkins 1941
The Missing Background Herbert Jenkins 1942
The Man from the Rhine Herbert Jenkins 1943
The Suprising Sanctuary Herbert Jenkins 1945
Fortune's Apprentice Herbert Jenkins 1946
The Man Who Wasn't Himself Herbert Jenkins 1947
Was it Montelli ? Herbert Jenkins 1947
Next Door to Murder Herbert Jenkins 1948
Cherry's Choice T. A. & E. Pemberton 1948
Motley Menace Herbert Jenkins 1949
Matrimony Most Murderous Herbert Jenkins 1949
Death Sets the Pace Herbert Jenkins 1950
The Lady was Elusive Herbert Jenkins 1952

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Leslie Cargill Author Biography - Information About the Author
Leslie Cargill is an author whose background is a mystery to us, if you can help in any way then please do get in touch.
None of the author's books were published in America, according ot the Library of Congress, except for Matrimony Most Murderous
I should love to see a full set of Leslie Cargill's books in dust jacket as they all will have superb period artwork.
They are, obviously, scarce in dustwrapper and collectable.
Readers will struggle as I don't believe there were any later paperback editions nor many hardback reprints.

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