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M.E. Chaber Bibliography

Us & UK First Edition Books in Order

M.E. Chaber Series Character: Milo March

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Hangman's Harvest Henry Holt 1952 Reprinted by Popular Library 1953 as
Don't Get Caught. Book set in California
No Grave for March Holt Rinehart 1953 UK: Eyre & Spottiswoode 1954
Republished by Popular Library 1953 as
All the Way Down. Set in Berlin
As Old as Cain Henry Holt 1954 Reprint Bestseller 1955 as
Take One for Murder. Set in Ohio
The Man Inside Holt Rinehart UK: Eyre & Spottiswoode 1955
Reissued by Popular Library 1954 as
Now It's My Turn
The Splintered Man Holt Rinehart 1955 American book priced $2.75
UK: TV Boardman 1957. American Bloodhound 145
Dust jacket priced 10s 6d net. Based in Berlin
A Lonely Walk Holt Rinehart 1956 UK: TV Boardman 1957. Set in Italy
The Gallows Garden Holt Rinehart 1958 UK: TV Boardman 1958. DW priced 10/6, artwork by McLoughlin
Caribbean backdrop
Reprinted by Pocket Books 1959 as
The Lady Came to Kill
A Hearse of Another Color Holt Rinehart 1958 UK: TV Boardman 1959 Jacket priced 10/6
Dust jacket artworrk by Denis McLoughlin
. Book set in New Orleans
So Dead the Rose Holt Rinehart 1959 UK: TV Boardman 1960. Story set in Berlin
The Lonely Graves Dutton 1960
Jade for a Lady Holt Rinehart 1962 UK: TV Boardman 1960. American Bloodhound Mystery no.399
Hong Kong based thriller
Softly in the Night Holt Rinehart 1963 UK: TV Boardman 1963. Los Angeles backdrop
Uneasy Lies the Dead Holt Rinehart 1964 UK: TV Boardman 1964
Six Who Ran Holt Rinehart 1964 UK: TV Boardman 1965. Rio de Janiro setting
Wanted: Dead Men Holt Rinehart 1965 UK: TV Boardman 1966
The Day It Rained Diamonds Holt Rinehart 1966 UK: Macdonald (A Boardman Mystery), 1968.
Dust jacket artwork by Dennis McLoughlin
Book set in Los Angeles
A Man in the Middle Holt Rinehart 1967 Not published in Great Britain
The Acid Nightmare Holt Rinehart 1967 Priced $2.95. Not published in Great Britain
Wild Midnight Falls Rinehart & Winston 1968 No British edition. Moscow setting
The Flaming Man Holt Rinehart 1969 UK: Robert Hale 1970
Green Grow the Graves Holt Rinehart 1970 UK: Robert Hale 1971
The Bonded Dead Rinehart Winston 1971 US dustwrapper priced inside flap $4.50
UK: Robert Hale 1973. Set in Miami
Born to Be Hanged Holt Rinehart 1973 Set in Nevada

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M.E. Chaber Author Biography - Information About the Author
M.E. Chaber is a pseudonym of Kendall Foster Crossen, born 1910 and died in 1981. He also wrote under the names Bennett Barlay, Richard Foster, Christopher Monig and Clay Richards.
There are plenty of paperbacks available online for readers and this list of books is in order for those who wish to read the main series, Milo March, chronologically.
The American first editions are also available in dust jacket for book collectors although the British first editions are rarer, many being ex-public library. I'd argue the artwork on the British editions looks better than the US versions.

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