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Dana Chambers Series Character: Jim Steele

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Some Day I'll Kill You Dial 1939 UK: Robert Hale 1939
Too Like the Lightning Dial 1939 Reprinted 1951 as Too Like the Dead
UK: Robert Hale 1940 jacket 7/6
She'll Be Dead by Morning Dial 1940 UK: Robert Hale 1941
The Blonde Died First Dial 1941 UK: Robert Hale 1943
Nine Against New York Holt 1941 Not listed by Hubin, nothing in British Library
Witch's Moon Dial 1941 Not listed by Hubin, nothing in British Library
The Frightened Man Dial 1942 UK: Robert Hale 1945, DJ 8/6
The Court of Shadows Dial 1943 Not listed by Hubin, nothing in British Library
The Last Secret Dial 1943 UK: Robert Hale 1949
Darling This is Death Dial 1945 UK: Robert Hale 1951
Death Against Venus Dial 1946 Dust jacket artwork by Edgard Cirlin
UK: Robert Hale 1953
The Case of Caroline Animus Dial 1946 Reprinted in 1948 as Dear Dead Women
UK: Robert Hale 1951
Rope For An Ape Dial 1947 Dustwrapper artwork by Edgard Cirlin
UK: Robert Hale 1952

Dust Jacket Artist: Stead

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Dana Chambers Author Biography - Information About the Author
Dana Chambers is a pseudonym of Albert Leffingwell who was born in 1895 and died in 1946 (re British Library, Hubin states 1966). He also wrote under the name Giles Jackson
American editions precede the British books in all cases, UK editions noted when held by the British Library.
The books are not common in dust jacket, even the American editions which had much larger print runs are not common.
Some effective period dust jacket artwork is, as always, a bonus for book collectors.
Collectors of the UK first editon books will likely be plagued by ex-library copies which made up most of the print runs.
Readers are laughing as paperbacks are plentiful and reasonably priced.

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