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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Dark Mirror Robert Hale 1966  
Night Frost As Above 1966  
No Flowers for the General As Above 1967  
Scratch on the Dark As Above 1967  
Die Now, Live Later As Above 1968  
Don't Bleed on Me Robert Hale 1968  
The Marble Orchard As Above 1969  
Dead File As Above 1970  
No Letters from the Grave As Above 1971  
The Big Chill As Above 1972  
Strong-Arm Robert Hale 1972  
A Great Year for Dying As Above 1973  
Shock-Wave As Above 1973  
The Breaking Point As Above 1973  
A Voice from the Dead As Above 1974  
Feedback Robert Hale 1974  
Ricochet As Above 1974  
The High Wall As Above 1975  
Impact As Above 1975  
A Good Place to Die As Above 1975  
The Lonely Place Robert Hale 1976  
Crack in the Sidewalk As Above 1976  
Tight Corner As Above 1976  
The Year of the Dragon As Above 1977  
Death Squad As Above 1977  
Murder One Robert Hale 1978  
A Quiet Room in Hell As Above 1979  
The Big Rip-Off As Above 1979  
The Caligari Complex As Above 1980  
Flip-Side As Above 1980  
The Long Rest As Above 1981  
The Empty Silence Robert Hale 1981  
Dark Entry As Above 1981  
Hang Loose As Above 1982  
Shoot-Out As Above 1982  
The Far Horizon As Above 1982 A Mike Faraday Mystery
Trigger-Man As Above 1983 A Mike Faraday Mystery
Pressure-Point Robert Hale 1983  
Hard Contract As Above 1983  
The Narrow Comer As Above 1983  
The Hook As Above 1984  
You Only Die Once As Above 1984  
Tuxedo Park As Above 1984  
The Far Side of Fear Robert Hale 1984  

Short Stories US Editions
The Dossier of Solar Pons. Los Angeles, Pinnacle, 1979.
The Further Adventure of Solar Pons. Los Angeles, Pinnacle, 1979.
The Secret Files of Solar Pons. Los Angeles, Pinnacie, 1979.
Some Uncollected Cases of Solar Pons. Los Angeles, Pinnacle, 1980.

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Basil Copper Biography - Further Information
Basil Copper, born in England 1924, had one main series character who appeared in all the full-length novels featured in this bibliography, Mike Faraday. There are also a number of other books and short stories. These are more supernatural and occult, so given the nature of this site, we have omitted these. His work on the Solar Pons series by August Derleth is in more of an editorial role.

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