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Basil Carey Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Basil Carey Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Dangerous Isles Constable & Co 1926 "A romance of pearl-hunger"
US: Dial Press, 1927
UK reprint Withy Grove Press, [1941]
The Dreaming God Constable & Co 1927
Mountain Gold Constable & Co 1929 US: 1930 Clode
Gray Amber Constable & Co 1930 Reprinted by Robert Hale - undated book
US: 1930 Clode
Dead Man's Shadow Constable & Co 1931 288 pages ; (8)
US: 1931 Clode as Isle of Desire
Captain Christine Jarrolds 1932
The Secret Enterprise Jarrolds 1932 US: King 1933 as Secret Voyage
Left for Dead Jarrolds 1934
The Secret of Ayanora Robert Hale 1937 Not dated ? Re British library

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Basil Carey Author Biography - Information About the Author
Basil Carey, born 1898 according to University of Oxford Libraries, is included in Hubin's catalogue of crime and mystery fiction books.
These are rare books, especially in dust jacket, certainly in our experience, we've only ever handled one UK first in a jacket.
Some titles ran to multiple reprints.
We'd welcome more information on the life of the author Basil Carey, please do email us any information if you have any.

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