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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
No Sale Ward 1950  
Strictly Legitimate Ward 1951  
You Never Learn Museum 1952  
Leave It to Me As Above 1953  
Paid in Full As Above 1953  
Pacific Pearl As Above 1954  
You Pay Your Money As Above 1954  
I Can Cope As Above 1955  
Loser Takes Nothing As Above 1955  
Climb the Wall Museum 1956  
The Night of the Party Robert Hale 1957  
The Elusive Lady As Above 1957  
Sweet Water As Above 1957  
The Unquiet Night As Above 1958 Black cloth, green letters. DW 10/6
Dead, and Done With As Above 1959  
The Second Bounce As Above 1959  
Begin with a Gun Robert Hale 1960  
The Spanish Lady As Above 1960  
Curtain Call As Above 1961  
The Loose End As Above 1961  
The Dangerous Lady As Above 1962  
The Fast Exit As Above 1962  
Man at Large As Above 1962  
Ask for Trouble As Above 1963  
Murder Mislaid As Above 1963  
The Last Indictment Robert Hale 1964  
Murder Incidental As Above 1965  
The Intruder As Above 1966  
Jump the Gun As Above 1966  
The Girl on the Beach As Above 1967  
Marked to Die As Above 1967  
Man Alive As Above 1968  
By His Own Hand Robert Hale 1969  
Caribbean Kidnap As Above 1969  
Dead Loss As Above 1970  
Emergency Exit As Above 1970  
A Proper Carve-Up As Above 1970  
A Black Leather Case As Above 1971  
The Long Memory As Above 1971  
The Con Game As Above 1972  
Escape at Sunrise Robert Hale 1972  
Nobody Needs a Corpse As Above 1972  
Duet for Death As Above 1973  
The Big C As Above 1973  
The Big Tickle As Above 1974  
Death in Transit As Above 1974  
The Marksman As Above 1974  
The Killing Is Easy Robert Hale 1975  
Strictly Private Business As Above 1975  
The Final Installment As Above 1976  
Fit to Kill. As Above 1976  
The Macamba Project As Above 1977  
A Pair of Knaves As Above 1977  
Unfinished Business As Above 1977  
Man on the Run As Above 1978  
The Born Loser As Above 1980  
Epitaph for a Lady Robert Hale 1980  


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Further Information
Michael Cronin, born 1907, is one of the pseudonyms of Brendan Leo Cronin. He has the following series characters. Sam Harris, James Hellier, Richard Maidment.


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