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Jonathan Craig Bibliography

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Jonathan Craig Series Character: Pete Selby

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Jonathan Craig Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Junkie Falcon Books 1952 The Life and Loves of a Drug Addict!
Reprinted Lancer (1962) as Frenzy
Print-on-Demand: Black Curtain Press (2013)
Dirge for a Nude Flying Eagle 1953
Manhunt Detective Story Feb 1953
The Last Man Alive Star 1953
Pursuit Detective Story Sept 1953
Red Headed Sinner Croydon 1953
Print-on-Demand: Black Curtain Press (2013)
Alley Girl Lion 1954 Reprinted by Berkeley 1959 as
Renegade Cop
Print-on-Demand: Black Curtain Press (2013)
The Dead Darling Gold Medal 1955 UK: Red Seal 1958
Morgue for Venus Gold Medal 1956 Cover artist: Bayre Phillips
UK: Fawcett 1957. Reissued Belmont Tower 1973
Case of the Cold Coquette Gold Medal 1957 UK: Fawcett 1958
The Case of the Beautiful Body Gold Medal 1957 UK: Fawcett 1958
Come Night Come Evil Gold Medal 1957 UK: Red Seal 1959
"Freedom bought with young wife's body"
So Young So Wicked Gold Medal 1957 UK: Fawcett 1958
Case of the Petticoat Murder Gold Medal 1958 UK: Fawcett 1960
"Her hips swayed to the funeral march"
Case of the Nervous Nude Gold Medal 1959 UK: Muller 1960, paperback
Case of the Village Tramp Gold Medal 1959 UK: Muller 1961, paperback
Murder in Greenwich Village
Case of the Laughing Virgin Gold Medal 1960 UK: Belmont Tower 1974
A Sixth Precint Thriller #6
Case of the Silent Stranger Gold Medal 1964 UK: Flamingo 1973
Police detectives Shelby and Rayder investigate
Case of the Brazen Beauty Gold Medal 1966 UK: Flamingo 1973
"A night with Bonnie was like a week on LSD"
Six Skinny Coffins Dell Books 1972 In This one Will Kill You
The New York Crime Book Pyramid 1972 With Richard Posner
Strange Encounter - Short Story Renown 1972 Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Aug 1972

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Jonathan Craig Author Biography - Information About the Author
Jonathan Craig is a pseudonym used by Frank E. Smith who was born in 1919. He is listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide and his main series character is Pete Selby.
Jonathan Craig's first book, Frenzy, is regarded as a classic in the drug culture genre, a fragile publication makes it rare and sought after.
All of the books listed above in this bibliography are paperback originals, no hardbacks in dust jackets issued.
Most are readily available, online at least, and modestly priced. Cover art work is attractive on both American and British publications

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