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Capstan Author aka Rex Hardinge

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Cap'n Luke, Filibuster. By "Capstan" Wright & Brown 1937
Carver of the Swamp Wright & Brown 1938 Dust jacket artist G.P. Micklewright
The Polite Pirate Wright & Brown 1938
The Night Coach. By Capstan Mellifont Press 1938
The Hole in the Mountain Wright & Brown 1939
Broadcast Murder Mellifont Press 1939 Short story, only 64 pages
Black Magic Wright & Brown 1941 Univ' of Oxford Libraries says 1940
The Chinese Cabinet Mellifont Press 1941 Novella, only 48 pages
Inkosi-Carver Investigates Wright & Brown 1943 Artwork by Micklewright "I think"
Forbidden Territory Wright & Brown 1949 A thriller set in South Africa
Feud Wright & Brown 1950 Hubin calls for "The Feud"
Operation Diamond Wright & Brown 1951
The Problem in Ciphers Wright & Brown 1952 Not in the British Library

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Capstan Author Biography - Information About the Author
Capstan is a pseudonym used by the author Rex Hardinge, of Sexton Blake fame, who was born in 1904.
The books are rare in dust jacket, expect some superb artwork if you can find them.
I believe the Mellifont short stories to be fragile paperback originals.
None of the Capstan books appear to have been published in America

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