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Henrietta Clandon Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Henrietta Clandon Series Characters: Penny & Vincent Mercer - William Power

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Henrietta Clandon Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Inquest Geoffrey Bles 1933 A country house murder mystery
The Ghost Party Geoffrey Bles 1934 Non series character
Rope By Arrangement Geoffrey Bles 1935 Dustwrapper priced 7/6
Good By Stealth. [A novel.] Geoffrey Bles 1936 Poison pen letters in an English village
This Delicate Murder Geoffrey Bles 1936 A bibliomystery featuring murder and writers
Power on the Scent Geoffrey Bles 1937 Penny and Vincent, husband-and-wife detective novelists
Fog Off Weymouth Geoffrey Bles 1938 Dust jacket priced 7/6

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Henrietta Clandon Author Biography - Information About the Author
Henrietta Clandon is a pseudonym of John George Haslette Vahey who also wrote as Vernon Loder .
The American Library of Congress lists no American editions and I don't believe there were any contemporaneous reisuues.
First editions are rare books, we've only ever handled one in a dust jacket I believe.
Expect dust jackets to be priced, usually on inside flap not spine with this publisher during this period, at 7/6, lower prices such as 2/6 indicate later publication even though the book itself may not indicate this. Jackets with no price at all would be Commonwealth editions for countries such as Australia.
Most probably have the house style photographic dust jackets of the period, quite revolutionary then though not as alluring as some of the period artwork, in our opinion at least.
The Henrietta Clandon books have been reissued by Dean Street Press in a paperback "print on demand" format.

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