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Reg Gadney Author and painter
Robert Gaines Largely forgotten thriller writer
Sarah Gainham More espionage / thriller
Malcolm Gair Creator of Mark Raeburn
Newton Gale Creator of James Greer
Robert Conington Galway Creator of james Packard
Ganpat Aka Martin Louis Alan Gompertz
Robin Gar Obscure author of rare books
Dorothy Gardiner Sheriff Moss Magill
Alan Gardner Creator of David Troy
Erle Stanley Gardner Creator of Perry Mason
Rodney Garland Aka Adam Hegedus
William Garner Series character Mick Jagger
Roger Garnett Pseudonym of Nigel Morland
William Garrett Series character James Drew
David Garth Hubin listed American author
Andrew Garve aka Roger Bax
Jonathan Gash Series character Lovejoy
Arthur Gask Series character Gilbert Larose
Catherine Gaskin Hubin listed author
Bill Gaston Series character Roy MacLean
Rosemary Gatenby American author
Tudor Gates Danny Scipio
William Campbell Gault Brock The Rock Callahan
Paul Geddes Series characters Paul Venniker - Ludovic Fender
Elizabeth George Series character Inspector Lynley
Francis Gerard Series character Sir John Meredith
Alex Gerlis WW II espionage mysteries
Henry Gibbs Aka Simon Harvester
Val Gielgud Gregory Pellow
Anthony Gilbert Real name Lucy Beatrice Malleson
Michael Gilbert Chief Inspector Hazlerigg
Kenneth Giles Aka Charles Drummond and Edmund McGirr
R Gilmour Boxing mysteries
Susan Gilruth Liane Crawford & Inspector Hugh Gordon
BM Gill Barbara Gill, much underrated
Patrick Gill aka John Creasey
Alec Glanville Inspector Dusty Miller
Darcy Glinto Pseudonym of Harold Ernest Kelly
John Gloag SC: Lionel Buckby
Julian Gloag Hubin listed author
Sinclair Gluck Hubin listed author
John Godey SC: Jack Albany
R.L. Goldman SC: Asaph Clume
Cedric Goodall Hubin listed author
John Goodwin Sergeant Scarfe
Spike Gordon Aka John Russell Fearn
Richard Goyne Paul Templeton, The Padre & Tubby Greene
Alicia Grace Irving A. Greenfield
Bruce Graeme Blackshirt
Sue Grafton Kinsey Millhone
Anthony Graham Eric Marsden & Frank Richmond
Caroline Graham Inspector Barnaby Midsomer Murders
Neill Graham Solo Malcolm
Richard Grant The Silky Ones Sting ! Aye Caramba!
Berkeley Gray Norman Conquest novels
Dulcie Gray British actress and mystery writer
Richard Grayson John Bryant and Inspector Gautier
Rupert Grayson Gun Cotton
Johnny Grecco Pulp fiction gangster author
Anna Katharine Green Caleb Sweetwater
F.L. Green Wrote The Magician
Glint Green Inspector Wield
Gladys Greenaway Aka Julia Manners
Cecil Freeman Gregg Inspector Cuthbert Higgins
Ian Greig Inspector Swinton books
Elizabeth Gresham Jenny Gilette and Hunter Lewis
Leonard Gribble SC. Superintendent Anthony Slade
Edward Grierson Penned the classic Reputation for a Song
Francis Grierson Very prolific author
Griff Pulp fiction author
Frank Griffin Hubin listed mystery author
John Griffin SC: Richard Raven
George Griswold Aka Robert George Dean
Pelham Groom Series character Peter Mohune
Marjorie Grove Series character Maxine Reynolds
Davis Grubb Wrote The Night of the Hunter
F.W. Gumley Obscure crime mystery and children's author
Victor Gunn Series character Bill Ironsides