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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Judas Pair Collins Crime Club 1977  
Gold from Gemini Collins Crime Club 1978  
The Grail Tree Collins Crime Club 1979  
Spend Game Collins Crime Club 1980  
The Vatican Rip Collins Crime Club 1981  
The Incomer Collins Crime Club 1981 as Graham Gaunt
Firefly Gadroon Collins Crime Club 1982  
The Sleepers of Erin Collins Crime Club 1983  
The Gondola Scam Collins Crime Club 1984  
Pearlhanger Collins Crime Club 1985  
The Tartan Ringers Collins Crime Club 1986  
Moonspender Collins Crime Club 1986  
Jade Woman Collins Crime Club 1988  
The Very Last Gambado Collins Crime Club 1989  
The Great California Game Century 1991  
The Lies of Fair Ladies Century 1992  
Paid and Loving Eyes Century 1992  
The Sin Within Her Smile Century 1993  
The Grace in Older Women Century 1995  
The Possessions of a Lady Century 1995  
The Rich and Profane Macmillan 1995  
Different Women Dancing Macmillan 1997 Dr Clare Burtonall
Pray Dancing Macmillan 1998 Dr Clare Burtonall
A Rag a bone and a Hank of Hair Macmillan 1999  
Die Dancing Macmillan 2000 Dr Clare Burtonall
Every Last Cent Macmillan 2001  
Bone Dancing Busby 2002 Dr Clare Burtonall
Ten Word Game Busby 2003  

Further Information
Jonathan Gash, real name John Grant, was born in England on 30th September 1933 and is a highly respected doctor. However he is best known to us as the creator of Lovejoy, the antique dealer, of sorts. A great creation and well plotted books, highly recommended to all. All books, except where stated, feature Lovejoy and are not to be missed by mystery enthusiasts or anyone with an interest in antiques and collecting. Translated onto screen, with great success, by Ian McShane playing Lovejoy.


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