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The following Rupert Grayson bibliography contains the criminous titles.
We have included US publications and variant titles as and when applicable
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Death Rides the Forest Nash 1921 US: 1938 Dutton
Scarlet Livery Nash 1928  
GC: A Romance of Secret Service Nash 1929 US: 1936 Dutton as
Gunston Cotton; Secret Service Agent
Gun Cotton Adventurer Grayson 1933 US: 1937 Dutton
Escape with Gun Cotton Grayson 1934  
Gun Cotton, Secret Agent. Ditto 1934  
Gun Cotton Goes to Russia Ditto 1936  
Gun Cotton in Hollywood Ditto 1936  
GC Outside the Law Grayson 1936  
Gun Cotton Ace High Ditto 1937  
Gun Cotton Adventure Nine Ditto 1937  
Gun Cotton in Mexico Grayson 1937 US: 1940 Dutton
GC at Blind Man's Hood Ditto 1938  
GC Murder at the Bank Ditto 1939  
Gun Cotton Secret Airman Grayson 1939 US: 1939 Dutton
Secret Agent in Africa Dutton 1939  
Introducing Mr Robinson Eldon 1940  

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Further Information
More information on Rupert Grayson can be found in his own words in an article we reproduced some time ago. See here Gunston Cotton.
We still need to fie tune this checklist a little. When you see more than one book published in the same year we have yet to establish priority, something we hope to redress shortly, in the meantime we hope this is still of some use or interest .


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