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Ian Greig Series Character: Inspector Swinton

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Ian Greig Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The King's Club Murder Ernest Benn 1930 US: Henry Holt 1930 as
The Silver king Mystery
This is a golfing mystery book
The Tragedy of the Chinese Mine Ernest Benn 1930 288 pages ; (8). US: Holt 1931
Murder at Lintercombe Ernest Benn 1931 280 pages ; (8)
Baxter's Second Death Ernest Benn 1932 US: H. C. Kinsey 1933
False Scent Ernest Benn 1933 "A new Inspector Swinton story"
The Inspector Swinton Omnibus Ernest Benn 1934 Includes the first 3 books. 704 pages 8

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Ian Greig Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ian Baxter Greig is a Hubin listed mystery author, his main series character is Inspector Swinton who appears in all the books listed in this bibliography.
All of Ian Greig's British published books should be regarded as rare, very rare with dust jackets, we've only ever handled th eomnibus in dustwrapper which is the most common title in our experience
The King's Club Murder is especially sought after as it falls into the popular genre of Golf based mystery books.

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