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William Campbell Gault

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Bloody Bokhara Dutton 1952 UK: Title: The Bloodstained Bokhara
1953 Boardman
Don't Cry for Me Dutton 1952 English edition: 1952 Boardman
The Canvas Coffin Ditto 1953 English edition: 1954 Boardman
Blood on the Boards Dutton 1953 UK: 1954 Boardman
Night Lady Crest 1953 UK: 1960 Boardman
End of a Call Girl Crest 1953 UK title: Don't Call Tonight
1960 Boardman
Run Killer Run Dutton 1954 UK: 1955 Boardman
Ring Around Rosa Dutton 1955 UK: 1955 Boardman
Day of the Ram Simon & Schuster 1956 UK: 1958 Boardman
Square in the Middle Random House 1956 UK: 1957 Boardman
The Convertible Hearse Random House 1957 British publication: 1958 Boardman
The Sweet Blonde Trap Zenith 1959 Paperback Originally published
as Run Killer Run
Come Die with M Random House 1959 UK: 1961 Boardman
Death Out of Focus Random House 1959 UK: 1959 Boardman
Sweet Wild wench Crest 1959 UK: 1961 Boardman
The Wayward Widow Crest 1959 UK: 1960 Boardman
Million Dollar Tramp Crest 1960 UK: 1962 Boardman
The Hundred Dollar Girl Dutton 1961 British: 1963 Boardman
Vein of Violence Simon & Schuster 1961 United Kingdom: 1962 Boardman
County Kill Simon & Schuster 1962 British: 1963 Boardman
Dead Hero Dutton 1963 British: 1964 Boardman
The Bad Samaritan Raven 1980 Set in California
The Cana Diversion As Above 1980  
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Dust Jacket Artist Kingsley Sutton

Further Information
Born 1910. Also wrote under the names: Will Duke, Roney Scott and his main series character was Brock Callahan The Rock. A more minor character was Joe Puma.

Please Note: When more than one book was published in the same year we cannot guarantee the precise chronology of release, we do welcome corrections to this bibliography or any further information about the author

The American editions precede their British counterparts and there are a few alternative titles, duly noted. There are also a couple of later paperback reissues that have different titles from those originally published. The UK editions are all in the Bloodhound American Mystery series and tend to be uncommon. This is due to much smaller print runs than the American editions and the fact the most of the British editions were produced for public libraries which makes finding them in collectable condition tricky


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