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Alicia Grace Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Terrified Target Lancer 1966 Reprinted by Belmont in 1973 as
The Terrified heart
A deadly enemy in a tangled plot
Hawksbill Manor Lancer 1967 Book set in the West Indies
The Head of Medusa Lancer 1967 Reprinted by Belmont in 1973 as
Hour of Evil
A nurse enters a world of terror
The Enchanted Circle Lancer 1968 Set in New York City in 1860
Clovecrest Lancer 1969
Wharf Sinister Lancer 1969
Mass for the Dead Witch Lancer 1970 A nameless crime, a ritual and a mysterious house
The House at Swansea Manor 1976 A terror stricken woman lured to her grave !
The House of the Darkest Death Manor 1976 A murder mystery with an archer !
Enchanted Circle Manor 1976 A demon, a maniac and a bizarre ritual

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Alicia Grace Author Biography - Information About the Author
Alicia Grace is a pseudonym used by Irving A. Greenfield who was born in America in 1928.
Alicia Grace is listed in Allen J. Hubin's crime and mystery fiction bibliography though many of the books in the list above fall more into the Gothic genre than the crime fiction.
The British Library lists no British editions and I believe all the books in this bibliography a paperback originals, no hardocvers issued.

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