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Richard Goyne Bibliography

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The following Richard Goyne bibliography contains the criminous titles.
Only one of the books was published in the United States I believe
We are always interesting in buying pre 1942 books, UK first editions in dust jacket
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Last Shot & Other Stories Federation 1925  
Parisian Nights Federation 1925 Movie novelization
In the Last Act Aldine 1927  
The Great Fear Aldine 1927  
The Cinema Crime Amalgamated 1933 Sexton Blake
The Kidnapper's Victim Amalgamated 1934 Sexton Blake
Strange Motives Stanley Paul 1934  
Murder at the Inn Stanley Paul 1935  
Produce the Body Stanley Paul 1935  
The Broken Circle Federation 1936  
Death by Desire Stanley Paul 1936 US: 1937 Macaulay
Hanged I'll Be! As Above 1936  
Death in Harbour As Above 1937  
Seven Were Suspect As Above 1938  
Danger in Suburbia As Above 1939  
The Merrylees Mystery Stanley Paul 1939  
Who Killed My Wife ? As Above 1940  
Suicide Squad As Above 1942  
Fear Haunts the Fells As Above 1944  
Five Roads Inn As Above 1944  
Murder Made Easy Stanley Paul 1944  
The Crime Philosopher As Above 1945  
Destination Unknown As Above 1945  
Traitor's Tide As Above 1945  
The Man in the Trilby Hat Stanley Paul 1946  
Savarin's shadow As Above 1947  
The Dark Mind As Above 1948  
Murderer's Moon As Above 1949  
The Clock Stanley Paul 1950  
The Invisible Verdict As Above 1950  
The Courtway Case As Above 1951  
The Darkened Room As Above 1952  
Harvest of Hate As Above 1952  
The Gravel Patch Stanley Paul 1953  
Daughter of Darkness As Above 1953  
Overnight. As Above 1953  
The Lipstick Clue As Above 1954  
You Can't Kill Shadows As Above 1954  
Introducing the Super As Above 1955  
The Fentons As Above 1956  
The Missing Minx Stanley Paul 1957 Set in Wales
Fugitive Men John Long 1957  

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Further Information
Richard Goyne is a pseudonym of John Courage born 1902 to 1957. He had three main series characters: Paul Templeton, The Padre and Tubby Greene. Please do drop us a line if you have any more information on this author - thank you.

We shall be upgrading this bibliography ASAP, the chronology of titles published in the same year requires further research which we hope to bring to you shortly. The checklist is in all other respects accurate.


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