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Gladys Greenaway Bibliography

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aka Julia Manners

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Shadows on the Sand Hurst & Blackett 1958
View of the Mountains Hurst & Blackett 1959
No Looking Back Hurst & Blackett 1960 Book reprinted by Chivers in 1989
Follow a Shadow Robert Hale 1961
Spring Came Late Robert Hale 1961
Follow a Shadow Robert Hale 1962
Week of Suspense Hurst & Blackett 1962 Reprinted by Remploy in 1975
Where the Wind Whistles Hurst & Blackett 1964 Not in Hubin
The Affair at Little Todsham Hurst & Blackett 1964
Devil in the Wind Hurst & Blackett 1966
Follow My Leader Hurst & Blackett 1966
Feather Your Nest Hurst & Blackett 1967
Coffee in the Morning Hurst & Blackett 1967
Girl on the the Heights Hurst & Blackett 1968 Not in Hubin
The Wheel of the Potter Hurst & Blackett 1969 Not in Hubin
Cousin Alison Hurst & Blackett 1969 Not in Hubin
The Late Summer of Christine Hargreave Hurst & Blackett 1970 Not in Hubin
The Past is the Prelude Hurst & Blackett 1971 Not in Hubin
Girl on a Ladder Hurst & Blackett 1972 Not in Hubin
The Dark Places Robert Hale 1973 as Julia Manners
Shadows on Bright Water Robert Hale 1975 as Julia Manners
The Small Circle Robert Hale 1979 Not in Hubin
Trial Run Robert Hale 1982
My Mother's Daughter Robert Hale 1983

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Gladys Greenaway Biography - Information About the Author
Gladys Greenaway was born in 1901 and died in 1991.
The British Library lists only two books written under the name Julia Manners, both noted in the list of books above.
The crime fiction reference Hubin ceases to list the author's books after 1967.
Some of the titles actually listed by Hubin look dubious in terms of the crime and mystery genre!?
Collectors of first edition books in dust jacket are going to struggle as most of the print runs, by both publishers, seems to have gone to public libraries making books in collectable condition scarce.
We're not aware of any of the books listed above having been published in America.

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