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Richard Grayson Series Characters: John Bryant - Inspector Gautier

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Spiral Path Hammond 1955
Death in Melting Hammond 1957
Madman's Whisper Hammond 1958
Dead So Soon Hammond 1960
Murder Red Handed John Long 1965
Spy in Camera John Long 1968
Play the Roman Fool and Die John Long 1970
A Taste of Death Robert Hale 1973
The Murders at Impasse Louvain Gollancz 1978 US: St Martin's 1980
The Monterant Affair Gollancz 1980 US: St Martin's 1980
The Death of Abbee Didier Gollancz 1981 US: St. Martins Press 1981
Death Stalk Gollancz 1982
The Montmartre Murders Gollancz 1982
Crime Without Passion Gollancz 1983
The Whisky Murders Gollancz 1984
Death en Voyage Gollancz 1986 US: St. Martins Press 1986
Death on the Cards Macmillan 1988 US: St. Martins Press 1988
Over the Sea to Die Macmillan 1989
Death Off Stage Macmillan 1991 US: St. Martins Press 1992
The Tartan Conspiracy Macmillan 1992
Death au Gratin Macmillan 1994 US: St. Martins Press 1995
And Death the Prize Robert Hale 1996
Death in the Skies Robert Hale 1998
For Blood and Wine are Red Robert Hale 2000
Let Slip the Dogs of War Robert Hale 2002

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Richard Grayson Biography - Information About the Author
Richard Grayson is a speudonym of Richard Grindal who used to work in the Scottosh Whisky industry.
A prolific author yet to get serious attention from collectors. Readers will find the books available and collectors who want to put a set together will find most of the books very reasonably priced in first edition state with dust jackets, the odd early ones are tricky though, short print runs and library allocation the reason.

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