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R.L. Goldman Bibliography

US & UK First Edition Books in Order

R.L. Goldman Series Character: Asaph Clume

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

R.L. Goldman Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
I'm Gonna Make Los Angeles My Home Melvin Goldman 1923
Stay Young Macmillan 1925
The Hartwell Case Skeffington 1929
The Murder of Harvey Blake Skeffington UK 1931 US edition ?
Good Fight Coward-McCann 1935 Listed by American Library of Congress
Judge Robinson Murdered Coward-McCann 1936 UK: Boardman 1937
Out on Bail Coward-McCann 1937 UK: Cassell 1938
Murder Without Motive Coward-McCann 1938 No British edition
Death Plays Solitaire Coward-McCann 1939 Dust jacket by designed by author/magician Clayton Rawson
UK: Boardman 1945. DJ Denis McLoughlin
The Snatch Coward-McCann 1940 Dustwrapper artwork by Hawkins
UK: TV Boardman 1945
Murder Behind the Mike Coward-McCann 1942 UK: TV Boardman 1943
The Purple Shells Ziff-Davis 1947 From the Fingerprint Mystery Series
UK: TV Boardman 1948
Even the Night Macmillan 1947

Dust Jacket Artist: Clayton Rawson

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R.L. Goldman Author Biography - Information About the Author
Raymond Leslie Goldman was born in 1895.
The books are sought after by collectors, first editions in dust jacket are very uncommon, the first two books published in Britain by Skeffington are very rare, we've never seen them in dust jacket.
The bibliography lists the books in order including publishing priority between the American and British editions.

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