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Robert George Dean Series Characters: Tony Hunter - Pat Thompson

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Robert George Dean Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
What Gentleman Strangles a Lady ? Doubleday 1936
The Sutton Place Murders Doubleday 1936 UK: Heinemann 1936
Three Lights Went Out Doubleday 1936
Murder on Margin Doubleday 1937
Murder Makes a Merry Widow Doubleday 1938
A Murder of Convenience Doubleday 1938
Murder Most Opportune Doubleday 1939
Murder Through the Looking Glass Doubleday 1940
A Murder by Marriage Scribner 1940
Murder in Mink Scribner 1941
Layoff Scribner 1942
On Ice Scribner 1942
The Body Was Quite Cold Dutton 1951 Dust jacket priced $2.50
The Case of Joshua Locke Dutton 1951
A Gambit for Mr Groode Dutton 1952 As George GriswoldUK Eyre 1953
A Checkmate for the Colonel Dutton 1953 As George GriswoldUK Eyre 1954
Affair at Lover's Leap Doubleday Crime Club 1953 UK: TV Boardman Bloodhound 1954 as
Death at Lover's Leap
Red Pawns Dutton 1954 As George GriswoldUK Eyre 1955
The Pinned Man Little Brown 1955 As George GriswoldUK Eyre 1956

Dust Jacket Artist: Sadly Unknown

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Robert George Dean Author Biography - Information About the Author
Robert George Dean, who also wrote as George Griswold, is an author whose life we seek more information about.
We've listed the only books published in the UK, Death at Lover's Leap gives the author's name as "Robert dean"
Early first editions in dust jacket are rare and sought after by book collectors.
Collector interest outside the USA is limited in our experience.

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