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Dulcie Gray Bibliography

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Dulcie Gray
Series Character: Inspector Cardiff

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
Only the first book appears to have been published in America, the rest saw only UK publication
Although perhaps not on everybody's radar this author is collected and the books do have value
Early titles in jacket are relatively rare, even later titles are not exactly common
She's been compared in style to Agatha Christie and worthy of attention

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder on the Stairs Arthur Barker 1957 US: 1958 British Book Centre
Murder in Melbourne Arthur Barker 1958
Baby Face Arthur Barker 1959
Epitaph for a Dead Actor Arthur Barker 1960
Murder on a Saturday Arthur Barker 1961
Murder in Mind Macdonald 1963
The Devil Wore Scarlet Macdonald 1964
No Quarter for a Star Macdonald 1964
The Murder of Love Macdonald 1967
Died in the Red Macdonald 1968
Murder on Honeymoon Macdonald 1969
For Richer for Richer Macdonald 1970
Deadly Lampshade Macdonald 1971
Understudy to Murder Macdonald 1972
Dead Give Away Macdonald 1974
Ride on a Tiger Macdonald 1975
Stage Door Fright Macdonald 1977 Short Stories
Dark Calypso Macdonald 1979

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Dulcie Gray Biography
Dulcie Gray, CBE was born 20 November 1915 and died 15 November 2011, it was her stage name and her full real name was Dulcie Winifred Catherine Bailey. She was born in Malaysia but soon came to Britain and was an actor on stage, screen and television as well as writing mystery fiction books. Her books were popular at the time and well regarded. The lack of American publications suggests that perhaps he first book didn't sell well and that she benefitted in the UK from her renown as an actress. The said, HRF Keating, whilst acknowledging the books may not be written to the most strict of rules do have charm and a well worth attention.

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